Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Snapshot ... A Vignette

Here is a little slice of life around here.

I was trying to take a photo of The Husband's latest oil painting.  (Have I not told you what a talented artist he is?)  After I put the painting in the window, Dorothy decided that it was her job to monitor the situation.  Anything important that happens around here is usually under the direct supervision of one of the cats.  That's just the way it is.

If you look closely, you will also see missing trim, spray foam insulation, and unprimed wood putty.  Such is life in an old house under renovation ... another facet of this snapshot.

I choose to focus on the adorable kitten and my husband's latest creation.  The other things can wait.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!


  1. Gorgeous photo, and such lovely sun coming in!

  2. Funny how animals always want to be in the center of things. Rowdy is the same way... he's such a snoop.

    Love the peacefulness of your photo.


  3. Wonderful painting! Dorothy was making sure she was in the photo...I have 3 that are just like her!
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, too!

  4. Wow, your husband has talent! His colors are deep and rich - Acrylic? How about a post on some of his work?

    Connie, what's the secret to those beautiful mini roses you see in grocery stores.. every one I bring home, despite my watering and what I think is decent care, look miserable within a month.

  5. Cats always have to be the center of attention! I was trying to take a picture of my yarn and one of my cats just had to be nosy! I ended up really loving the shot, though.

  6. This is a perfect vignette. A cat, gorgeous colors in a painting and light from a window. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  7. I love the vibrant colors in the painting. Which medium did he use?

  8. A cat and a handsome painting.

  9. I love the painting, he did a wonderful job! And I love that Dorothy didn't trust you with her daddy's painting so she felt the need to stand guard! ;-)

    Kat :)

  10. Your husband's painting is beautiful, even if your Dorothy thinks its all about her. Great picture, cute kitty. carrell

  11. Such a lovely cat and wonderful oil painting!

  12. How sweet¬! Our cats are exactly the same. They always come sniffing around when I'm taking photos!!


  13. Don't cats have a way of planting themselves exactly where the attention is? As far as it's visible, the painting looks lovely!

  14. yes.... it's always somethin' in an old house!!
    love your husband's painting! how wonderful to have an artist husband!

    sweet Dorothy! Ella would love to play;)



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