Friday, February 18, 2011

... and the OWOH Winner Is ...

One World One Heart was a three-week blog tour that took me to the blogs of some amazing and creative folks.  Yesterday was the last day.  At 9:00 last night, I let the random number generator do its thing, and the winner of the crocheted scarf is:

Paula in Tennessee, of Serendipity!!

Paula said:

Connie! I'm so glad I found you! Your blog is just wonderful! We have so much in common...I am also restoring a historic home. Ours was built in 1869. Have you discovered that living in and restoring an old house is a practice in patience?! You either love them and are in for the long haul, or you just don't attempt it. It's a good thing my husband and I are persistent and a little crazy, otherwise we would have abandoned this particular project a few years ago! HA! We are also big supporters of our local Humane Society and perform rescues of precious furry friends on a consistent basis. We live with our sweet animals, two dogs, two cats and various other critters that find their way to us. Both my husband and I are artists who work at other jobs by day and practice our craft in the evenings...after house projects, time with our sweet son, general upkeep on animals and said house, and a bit of time for conversation. In other words, we work that in where we can...even if it means in the wee hours of the morning. I bet you know how that is!

The scarf is absolutely gorgeous, and you are going to make one lucky person very happy!!! I certainly hope it's me, but even if it's not, I feel as though I've won a prize by finding your lovely blog. I'm signing up to follow you so that I can come back and visit again soon. Hope you'll stop by and visit with me when you have some time.

All good wishes!

Doesn't she seem like a lovely person?  As I read her blog, I was touched by her love for her husband, her house, and her pets.  I cried along with her as I read about their struggle to conceive and the emotional ups and downs of adoption ... and I rejoiced when I read the post about bringing their baby boy home!

This is Paula with her husband on their wedding day.  She posted this photo for Valentine's Day.

This is their house:

And here is Max, one of their dogs.  Everyone here knows how much I love dogs!

If I hadn't participated in One World One Heart, I probably wouldn't know about Paula and her blog.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to visit with bloggers I may not have had a chance to meet otherwise, and make connections. 

Congratulations, Paula.  I'm thrilled that yours was the random number that was chosen! 

Now, Everyone, click HERE to go visit Paula for yourself.


  1. Going to visit her now...


  2. What a lovely, lovely comment she left. I feel like her Best Friend just from reading the comment!!!!

    I love your tip on bringing Forsythia in. I've got some in our garden that I'm going to try this with.


  3. I have to agree with everything she says about you. I'm off to go meet her.

  4. Oh, Connie, what a sweet, sweet post! Thank you for all the kind things you said about my blog and me! And thank you for sending people my way! You know how excited I am to receive the beautiful scarf but even more excited to find your blog and to read about someone who is restoring a grand old house like we are. I adore the roses and have already taken some notes to use at our own place! I'm hoping to create a kitchen garden this spring and am truly excited about that.

    Thanks again for such a lovely post and comments...and for taking the time to participate in One World One Heart!

    All good wishes,


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