Sunday, February 6, 2011

Everything in its Place

Yesterday afternoon, The Husband and I went to his parents' old house to measure some cabinets that we will be bringing to our house soon.  While we were there, I was amazed at the level of organization that his father kept in his shop ... and I was touched by the sign above his work area.

My father-in-law has been gone for a year now, and my mother-in-law is settling into her new house.  The only things left at the old house are tools and parts and fix-it supplies that my mother-in-law has no use for.  Many of these things will come to our house, to be integrated into our lives, to be used by the next generation.

These cabinets were original to their house, built in 1965.  My father-in-law removed them about ten years ago, when he remodeled the kitchen.  They became his work area, where he would repair household items and electronic gadgets, and build his radio-controlled planes.  I see them living their next life in our basement workshop.

This white cabinet will probably be installed in the cottage by our barn, where the nursery office will be this year.  The large brown cabinet may go into our laundry room ... I think it will fit where I'm imagining it.

This green wooden cabinet will be very useful in our garage.  I have the perfect place for it ... as soon as I move some other stuff out of that spot.

I am most about this chair.  The Husband remembers spending many hours in this chair as a youngster ... sitting at his father's workbench, drawing, painting, coloring, and spending time with his dad.

I doubt that we can keep the same level of organization that Dad did.  I tend to have more of a 'hunt-through-the-piles-to-find-it' kind of system. 

I can't wait to bring these things here and make them part of our home!


  1. All those wonderful cabinets! I am so glad they get to make their way to your home and continue to 'organize'!

  2. I am a color turquoise freak so love the chair... the brown cabinets are super duper looking too! Have fun rearranging!


  3. How touching, Connie, and how wonderful that you have so many places in your home that will receive your family's history and allow it to continue. Many of us would have to say yet another sad goodbye, leaving us with only the memories and nothing to touch. That's a bad part of downsizing.

  4. The cabinets are in such beautiful shape! We did a similar thing after my FIL passed away...we have a hutch that I now store yarn in and several credenzas & also cabinets in my husbands workshop. They will be happy reminders.

  5. I think your father-in-law would be proud of his son and daughter-in-law and happy that what he built will be used and treasured in years to come.

  6. How very organized! I'm sure he would love knowing that you have a location picked for each cabinet, and that you will always have a bit of sentiment each time you use one.

  7. What wonderful memories, Connie. Those cabinets would certainly help anyone organize their lives a little better and come in handy in all sorts of places. I'm amazed at how organized your FIL was. I can see why you're enamored with that chair. Really neat!

    xoxo laurie

  8. Ill bet there are a lot of fun bits and bobs in allll of those tiny drawers!

  9. It will be nice to have the items but much nicer to have the memories. He had such an organized space and looks like he must have enjoyed his shop a lot.

  10. That'll be so special, having bits and pieces that your husband remembers from when he was little.

    Oh, I planted 6 roses this weekend. I thought of you!!!


  11. It is so impressive how organized your FIL was. The cabinets are beautiful and I am sure you can really make good use of them. How lucky of you to inherit them...Christine

  12. I love those first cabinets. They are magnificent.


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