Thursday, November 11, 2010

Progress on the Barn Gardens

Our streak of lovely weather is supposed to continue through today, and probably until Sunday!  (If I keep the pace I have planned, I may not live to see Sunday.)  With the Husband's help yesterday afternoon, we laid out and marked the bed and path lines for two of the three gardens by the barn!

This is the David Austin Garden.  Originally, I planned to have an oval path through the middle of the space, but I changed it at the last minute to a rectangle ... much easier to lay out, and I like it better.

Honestly, I was afraid that the original design, with an oval bed in the middle surrounded by an oval path, bisected by the short path you see in this photo, would look like an aerial shot of a toilet.  Close your eyes and imagine sitting under the pergola (where you see that little spot of grass on the lower left)  looking out over a cottage-style garden of English Roses ... aahhhh.

The Miniature Garden, that fills the area adjacent to the side of the barn, is 28' x 66' and is influenced by a French parterre.

The garden has 4' wide beds, 3' wide paths, and is very geometric.

In this photo, the design reminds me a bit of a Crop Circle in the English countryside ... except it's not a circle.

Here is some evidence of my garden's main winter pest.  Deer.  Considering it's been almost a week since we had rain, which would have wiped out any tracks in the tilled area, there really aren't THAT many tracks.

Today's job is to lay the ground cloth to cover the paths of the Miniature Garden.  More reports to come, as progress warrants.

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  1. A very nice design, lovely, clear lines! I am looking forward to seeing it blossom next year...
    (although, come to think of it, the "aerial shot of a toilet"-design would have been an interesting alternative, teeheehee... ) Hugs, Lola


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