Monday, November 8, 2010

Huntin' Junk

I'm finally back to my normal energy level, after our big greyhound weekend, and I'm also back to my junk huntin' ways.  The urge struck yesterday, and this can only mean one thing ... a trip to Ashland to 'Class and Trash', the BEST junk store around here.  In case you missed it, I first introduced you to some of the wonders in this store in THIS blog post from July.

(old pic of the front of the store from this summer, because I didn't take a new one yesterday.)

Other folks have discovered what a wonderful place Class and Trash is, because the parking lot was full and it took some effort to maneuver around the other shoppers inside.  Everytime I go there, I find SOOO much new stuff to see!  Owners Ken and Lisa Waldrop work hard to get the old merchandise out and new merchandise in ... prices are low, and things sell FAST.  If you see something you like, buy it NOW because it won't be there later if you walk away.  Trust me, I know this from experience.

Almost immediately inside the front door, I found this cute little loveseat.  I usually see full-sized sofas in this style ... a love seat would go great just about anywhere.

How about this industrial card catalog?  The price tag read $49.  It would have come home with me, but I don't have a place to put it.

Speaking of industrial, look at the goodies on and around this table.

Here's a close-up of what's on the left side, with this completely FABULOUS metal stool.

This bird's eye maple princess dresser would be perfect in someone's guest room.

I just never know what I'll find here!  The place is packed with treasures.

How about this antique folding chair, with vintage carpet upholstery?

This oak bench almost made it into my Jeep for the trip home.  I loved the shape and the size of it.  It needed a little bit of tightening up and some new upholstery.  Alas, I have nowhere to put this either.  (Look at that child-size Hoosier behind the bench???)

The center of the large upstairs at Class and Trash is devoted to chairs ... hundreds of chairs ... more chairs than I have ever seen in one place before ... every kind of chair you can imagine!  Are you in the market for a quirky set of mixed dining chairs?  This could be your place.

I loved this tole tray ... same story, no place to put it right now.

This pie safe was a wonderful size, and it is in really nice condition.  Someone painted the tins white (yuck) but that can be fixed without a whole lot of effort.

The painting leaning against the pie safe was speaking to me.  I left it behind, too.  Maybe I shouldn't have.  My new-found facination with older, amateur paintings could turn into a full-blown addiction, so I should pace myself.

Look how they used this vintage toy bed to display jewelry.  Love it!

This primitive little stand was a great size, and it was completely restorable ... even though it was missing its drawer.  At $14, I was really tempted to add it to my pile ...

... until I turned it around and discovered that someone who-knows-how-long-ago had crudely cut it in half and the back didn't match the front anymore.  It's still really neat, but this is more project than I need now, so it stayed behind, too.

There is so much good stuff in this picture, I don't even know where to begin to describe it.

This vintage ice box has such potential!  How about the school desk in front of it?

The set of gold-upholstered dining chairs, the buffet, the galvanized milk box, the wicker rocker .... does your name begin with G?

I smiled when I saw this Troll in front of these vintage radios.  I have a theory that only Trolls who were most loved by their children got haircuts.  (My troll was big like this one, and it had very short yellow hair.)

How about a primitive bench for your garden?

Or some silver shoes (size 9B, too small for me) and a Smurf tray?

I was sorely tempted by this set of dishes.  If there had been more dinner plates, it probably would be home with me right now.

I have teased you this whole time with wonderful treasures that I didn't buy.  What DID come home with me, you ask?

I couldn't resist this little iron dog.  I doubt it's old, but it has tons of personality, and it looks enough like a greyhound for me to add it to my collection ... I already had the rose angel, and I love her.

How about this roll of vintage-looking rose wallpaper?  I don't know what to do with it now, but I have no doubt that I will come up with something.  The colors are beautiful!

You will see this oriental rug again really soon, as part of a project I'm working on.  It is the perfect size, the perfect colors, and (most importantly) an irresistable price.  I can't wait to show it to you in its new home.

I also bought something for my mother for Christmas.  I can't say any more, because she reads my blog and it would spoil the surprise.

If you are traveling on Route 1 between Ashland and Richmond, you MUST stop at Class and Trash to see what treasures YOU can find.

This post is linked to Linda's Junkin' Finds Friday party.  Linda is the 'Queen of Junk' (I told her so), and I am thrilled to play at her party ... run over there and see what other treasures folks are sharing.

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog.)


  1. I am loving the photos and yes so much to see and buy! Wow. Looks like you got some great finds. Love the dog! Cute!

  2. That's such a fun place to go. I'm thrilled with the mirror I bought there last summer.

    By the way, everyone knows that the most loved trolls were those who were accepted as they were with their original long hair. Really, everyone knows that.

  3. Ooh, so many great things there! The dog you bought is perfect, and I can't wait to see what you plan to do with that gorgeous rug!!

    Kat :)

  4. Your new wallpaper looks a lot like some Ralph Lauren paper I just put in my bath. (I got it on sale, but it's original price was $120/roll!)

  5. clanross, I guess the $5 I paid for this mostly-intact roll of wallpaper was a steal, huh? I’d love to see a photo of yours.

  6. OMG.. I forgot all about the trolls.

  7. Holy cow!!!! That place is just awesome!!!!! They would'ave had to kick me out the door at closing time....! lol! GREAT stuff with GREAT potential!

    xoxo laurie

  8. Ah thanks for crowning me the "Queen of Junk'!! I would love to visit this place, we would have so much fun shopping! Thanks for linking up to Junkin Finds Friday!!!

  9. Just stopping by from Junkin Party!! What a great place! Wish we had something like that around here!

  10. I love child-size things-the Hoosier-I would have had to take it homes-especially with the pink on it!

  11. OOOH I want that Birdseye Maple vanity/dresser! This is a really neat store. Where is it? That doggie is cute too! Great post. Thanks for sharing!~Ames

  12. I saw so many cool things in the antique store.. I could spend some time browsing and shopping in it.

  13. Love the post! Love your blog!
    The pictures make me want to go
    out and find a store like this!

    Flora Doora

  14. WOW, what a junkers paradise! I think those dishes would have come home with me...they could be mixed/matched very easily.

  15. I Love Class and Trash too and there are so many bargains to be found! I never visit without bringing at least one thing home.

    Next time email me and I would love to meet you there. It would be fun to meet another Virginia blogger.

  16. What a great place. I am salivating! In my younger years I used to find places like that, but all before I was settled and had room to collect. Now I have to hope and wish for estate sales to find cool furniture like you're showing.


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