Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Open House Weekend ... and an Update on the New Roses.

The weather this weekend was beautiful, sunny and breezy with temperatures around 80 or so degrees. The rain from the past couple of weeks perked up the roses and softened the soil so we made quick work of pulling the remaining weeds in the rose field in preparation for the Open House. The roses in the nursery were all tidied up and ready to go to their new homes … and no one came on Saturday. It was as if we were all dressed up for a party, and none of the guests showed up. I had asked a couple of friends to come help me for the day, and we sat and visited because there was no one to help.

Sunday was a completely different day. We were busy almost from the time we opened until 3:00 closing time. Because we had no visitors on Saturday, I called the friends who were supposed to help on Sunday and told them to not to come. It was a bit frantic working by myself, with only Steve to help, but everyone who came seemed to have a very good time … and no one appeared to mind waiting their turn to ask me questions.

The best part of the Open House for me was watching our visitors enjoy a beautiful sunny day in the garden ... and seeing two dear, dear friends who came to visit. Alex, Kari, thank you ... you made my day.

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