Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Mockingbird Babies

During my spring Open Garden on Memorial Day, one of the guests found a bird nest tucked into the top of 'Firefall', a miniature climbing rose.

At the time, the nest had one egg in it.  A couple of days later, I remembered to grab my phone and photograph it.  By then, it contained three eggs.  The parents added a fourth egg the next day.

Two weeks later, there were four baby birds.  Instagram followed along as I posted a photo of the babies every day.  For you, I will put them all here.

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

Day Four:

One of the parents, keeping a close eye on me.

Day Five:

Day Six:

Day Seven:

Day Eight:

Day Nine:

Day Ten:

Today is Day Eleven.  I went out after breakfast to check on the babies and found that the nest was empty. 

My neighbor next door at the winery told me that he saw young Mockingbirds in his garden earlier this morning.  I'm certain that they were my babies.

It's amazing how quickly this process happens.  Four weeks exactly, from the time the first egg was laid till the babies fledged.  Mama and Papa Mockingbird were very attentive parents, swooping down on me whenever I was near their nest.  I have no doubt that their babies are in good hands, or wings, as they learn to live in the great big world.


  1. So sweet. Love your pics, the parents were very patient to let you get that close; they must know they can trust you!

  2. It was so fun to follow along on this journey with the Mockingbirds!!

  3. OMGOSH- How very cute! I love that you got so many pictures of them from nest eggs to baby birds. A perfect post- xo Diana

  4. The egg to out-0f-the-nest period always goes so quickly! Their eggs are so beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen mockingbird eggs before. Thanks for sharing all, Connie!


  5. They grow and change so fast, 24 hours makes a big difference. Thanks for sharing your pics. I enjoyed it so much. I jumped over from Nana Diana's blog.

  6. That guest was ME! I was so excited to find it. So happy to know they fledged, Mockingbirds don't always build their nests in the safest places. Predators could have easily gotten to them. But the didn't!!! YAY!
    The empty Nest

  7. Their gaping yellow beaks look like floral blossoms too!


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