Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Snapshot: Making It Official

Our dogs wear ID on their collars at all times.  It's a happy occasion when a new dog's tag comes in the mail ... Petal's arrived yesterday afternoon.

Till now, Petal has been wearing a blue collar with my cell phone number written on it in Sharpie marker.  It is from the stash of collars that I have on hand to use whenever we volunteer to help transport dogs.  It did the job, but blue isn't really Petal's color.

Now, Petal has her own collar ... bought especially for her, in a lovely shade of rose pink.  See her new tag?

The noise of jingling tags on collars makes me nuts, but I am mindful of the importance of keeping ID on my dogs in addition to their microchips, so we use flat tags from Boomerang Tags.  For $11.95, they provide up to five lines of information, super fast service, total peace of mind, and no jingling!  (even Winnie had a Boomerang Tag on her tiny kitten-sized collar.)  I received no compensation for this ... I'm just a very satisfied customer.

Today is Day 18 with Petal.  Dorothy is finally becoming more comfortable with Petal and isn't spending her days hiding upstairs anymore. 

Our routine is well on its way to being normal again.  I am very happy!

Sunday Snapshots are posts devoted to moments in time that represent glimpses into everyday life in Hartwood, or wherever else I happen to be at the time. 


  1. It is always wonderful when the pets settle into a family routine. It makes life so much easier. Love that you put identifiers om your pups. I saw a dog on the road yesterday that was spooked and tried to coax him/her? into my car--but only succeeded in scaring the poor thing even further. I can't understand how people just let their animals get out like that. Hope you have a great week. xo Diana

    1. When I used to mentor new greyhound adopters, I told them to be sure to watch for the day that their new hound knew that he/she was truly home. It's a subtle change in attitude and expression, and things get better from their. For Petal, that day was last week. Since then, she is obviously more confident and trusting. Can you tell that I am smitten?

  2. What a great tag~welcome home to Petal! She is super sweet I think!

    1. I am very grateful to the person who told me about these tags. Before then, I would take the dogs' collars off in the house to avoid the jingling. Not necessary now!


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