Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Snapshot: An Ideal Spot to Nap

When I first walked into this house (during the real estate tour before we bought the place) I knew that this south-facing window in the family room would be perfect a perfect hang-out spot for the cats.

Alice on the windowsill and Maggie roasting herself on the radiator.

There are birds and squirrels to watch outside, sunshine in abundance (unless it's cloudy), and a toasty radiator (in season, of course).  

The little Persian rug that Maggie is sleeping on is a new acquisition.  I found it at a local antique store last weekend.  Turns out that it coordinates perfectly with the new drapes ... almost as if I planned it that way.  (Who buys vintage handwoven rugs for their cats?  That would be me.)

Happy sunny Sunday morning, Everybody!

Sunday Snapshots are posts that are devoted to a moment in time that represents a slice of life in Hartwood, or wherever else I happen to be.


  1. I have no furniture/rugs, nothing. My cats have a house full. Including their vintage ironstone food bowls.


    1. This reminds me that I have a post spinning around in my head about my cats' dinnerware. All vintage saucers ... ironstone, porcelain, bone china, etc ... and I'm sitting next to the arm of a sofa that Maggie has clawed to ever-lovin' oblivion.

      Alice in the window ... the Vanishing Threshold for cats. :)

    2. Love this! I use vintage Fiesta berry bowls and other vintage items for Charlie! Pyrex for water! He does live in a home where vintage is the norm!

    3. Here, too, Linda! Plus, it's FUN to feed the cats (and Winnie) on fine china from the thrift store.

  2. LOL Tara Dillard's comment is hilarious! Enjoy your sunny Sunday!

    1. Anne, I ADORE Tara! You read her blog, don't you? If not, run (don't walk) over there and be amazed. She is one of a kind.

  3. Aaaaaah, the pampered life. I have no pets to pamper anymore. Thought I would be pampering my grandchildren, but they moved too far to see often. *sigh

  4. Animals do find their favorite spots to nap and why not indulge them? Or are we indulging ourselves? Because really, the cats would sleep on something much less nice. Yours are definitely very content in that window spot.

  5. What a cuties! Love the pic.
    I love that you bought Persian rugs for your cats- they deserve a bit of fanciness! :)

    PS- I hope you'll join our Link Up Party- Idea box:


  6. --I'd hang out there TOO! ; D


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