Monday, August 25, 2014

Strange Bedfellows

Yesterday afternoon, I walked into our dining room and found this little scene ...

The cats have taken to using this little dog bed as a napping spot from time to time.  Looks to me like Maggie was already there and Winnie decided that there was room enough in that upper corner to share.  It's Winnie's bed, after all.

Winnie seems to be fine with the situation ... but that look on Maggie's face and the set of her ears tell us that she's thinking something entirely different.


  1. Hmmmm....maybe it's time to buy just one more dog bed? Poor Winnie, ousted from her own pink place.

  2. Haha I doubt one more bed would help. I would say this is a feline power play :) I can't believe how tiny Winnie is!

  3. Oeps, you need another dog or cat bed. The problem is they always want on the bed where already is another animal. They sometimes behave like little children. Winnie looks so cute and innocent and Maggie loves the softness of the blanket, so she thinks: 'go away, move quick, I was first'.

  4. Can't see how Maggie could possibly mind, it's not like Winnie takes up much space at all.

  5. Poor sweet Winnie.... makes me want to cry a little bit....

  6. Oh my Maggie does appear a bit perturbed. Winnie appears more tolerant. I swear your Maggie and our Snickers could be twin sister cats.


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