Thursday, August 1, 2013

Two More

I captured two more groundhogs in our backyard this week.  This brings the total count to three that I have trapped and relocated.  Persistence pays off ... I have been diligently baiting and setting traps in the morning, and tripping them in the evening, every day.

On Sunday evening, this little teenager groundhog went into the trap.  The first one I caught was also a teenager, so perhaps they are siblings.  In any case, both of them are old enough to be out seeking their own place in the world ... and that place is down the road at an abandoned old house.

"I may never eat corn again ... it will probably give me nightmares."

"This truck is way cleaner than the one my friend was riding in."

Yesterday's groundhog was a big one, and it was a mean and defiant critter ... hissed and growled at me, and tried to bite me through the wire when I reached to pick up the trap.  (This is probably the same one that was lounging on our pavilion last week.)

"What are YOU looking at?"
Is it possible for a groundhog to look down its nose at you?
Frightened, but not letting on.
Three down, at least two more to go.  After the big groundhog left, I saw another big one by our old well in the backyard and another teenager by the pavilion.  There are tomatoes and cucumbers in the traps right now.  It's just a matter of time until these two rejoin their friends.


  1. Way to go!!.. now come on over with that trap and I'll show you a family living in the rock walls behind the barn. :-)

  2. Just be careful! They can many times have rabies. Seriously, we had a rabid one caught in our last neighborhood. Our county, Botetourt County, is riddled with rabies. Two weeks ago we received notice in the mail that there was a rabid raccoon in our neighborhood.

    Just saying to please be careful. It will be good to have those critters off of your property.

  3. I don't envy you the task of getting them relocated, but it does make for some interesting photo ops.

    Be careful and good luck!

  4. Umm.. you sure it's not the same groundhog each time? I heard rabbits travel for MILES to get back to their homes.. maybe you should tag them? JK... ;)

  5. Susan has a good idea! I was on a squirrel catching mission back in LA when they invaded my garden shed and decided that raising babies between the walls was a good idea!
    Squirrels will go over 9 miles to get back home!! We resorted to going across a pretty big river and over 12 miles away to do our drop off. You can give them a squirt of orange spray paint on their tails if you're curious to know.... not that I know anyone who's that obsessive and anal, but just sayin' that it's been done.... :)

  6. You should get a Jack Russell. My brother's has been in a epic struggle with groundhogs for 15 years now. I think at her age the thought of battling these critters is the only thing that keeps her alive. She goes in the hole after them and drags them out butt first. Once out of the hole they can turn around and bite her, she lets go, they go back in the hole, and it starts all over again.


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