Tuesday, August 28, 2012

iPad Photos

You know that I have been working to find a reliable way to blog on my iPad.  I think I almost have it figured out enough to do a tutorial ... stay tuned.  In the meantime, I love the fact that the iPad takes awesome photos!  It's usually sitting around near where I am, so if something cute or interesting happens, I just have to pick it up and click off a couple of photos. 

Here are some photos that I have taken over the past few days.  Each of them is edited only to reduce the size (down to 640x480), add my watermark, and sharpen ... no color correcting or brightness adustments.

I have been working hard to eliminate some of the clutter and chaos in our house.  We have too much stuff, and I will be going room by room to reorganize what's in there that I do need and get rid of whatever I don't.  I started in the dining room.  I found a place for everything that belonged there, and everything else was piled onto the table ... to be sorted and taken to other parts of the house or donated.  Alice and Dorothy decided that this green basket should find a new life as a cat bed.

Speaking of Alice ... last week I received a box of roses in the mail.  She waited patiently while I unpacked the box, then she sat there and gnawed on the leaves when she thought I wasn't looking.  Bad kitty!
Yesterday afternoon, I came inside and found this scene.  All five of our critters were snoozing peacefully together in various spots in the family room.  (No artful staging in this room, as you can see.)
The tree crew finished removing most of the two damaged oak trees in our front yard, and they used a stump grinder on the stumps.  I'm still in a bit of shock over the loss.  We had the workers leave some large pieces behind, and I hope to contact someone with a portable sawmill to cut the pieces into boards.  Perhaps some of the wood can continue on as something useful ... I'm aiming for a dining table top ... we'll see.
To help me get over the situation with our trees in the front yard, I find that I concentrate more on the view from the back of the house ... especially the view of my shade garden, with the pavilion and our huge pecan tree.  Looking at this scene, in morning light, is really soothing.
Ruby eats a lot faster than Daniel does.  To help slow her down, she gets her meals in one of those special bowls with obstacles that she has to eat around ... but she still finishes before Daniel.  To keep her away from him while he's eating, I have trained her to come to the kitchen door and sit for treats after she finishes eating.  Her newest treat every morning is that she gets to lick the dregs out of the empty cat food can.  I assure you, there is no need to rinse this can before I put it into the recycling bin.
On Sunday evening, the sky was beautiful.  I took my iPad outside with me while I was grilling dinner, so I could take pictures.  This one came out particularly well.
It seems appropriate to end this by looking upward, toward the sky.  I will be thinking about a lovely blog friend (Hilary of Crazy as a Loom), as she faces brain surgery today.  I love her for her attitude, her outlook on life, and her devotion to her family and her critters ... especially her dear rescue dog, Roy.  She has already received a huge outpouring of support to help her through this, but a bit more is welcome, I'm sure.  Please take a minute and head over to see her and show her some love. 
That's it for today.   Thanks for stopping by and spending a few minutes of your time here with me.  It means a lot ... really.
Here's a quick edit to update everyone about Hilary.  Her daughter posted a new blog entry yesterday afternoon, saying that her mother "went beautifully"  (the surgeon's words).  This is great news!!  Click HERE to go to the update post, or HERE for the main link to her blog.


  1. Those are good shots, I especially love the one with all your babies lounging in your living room! I too am tackling clutter, getting our garage back so that it is usable! I will pop over to Hilary's blog to send well wishes.


  2. Connie your ipad takes some great photos! Love the pics of the critters I was just thinking about them a bit ago. Oh those cute kitties!! I'm praying for your blogging friend. Hugs, Linda

  3. Love the pictures, and am amazed that an IPad can take pictures that good! I too am starting the declutter of our house, my motto is less is more. Of course my push to do this is having to deal with cleaning out my mother's house with 50+ years of hoarding. Praying for Hilary! :) donna

  4. I've been amazed at the photos two of my grands take with their iPads and yours are great, too! I'm glad it's you having to figure out a new way to do things, and NOT ME! I didn't even like the new GUI blogger foisted on me against my will, so I switched back.

  5. Well, I need to use the Ipad more to take pictures. Those are good. My daughter has borrowed it to take on vacation. I look forward to how to blog on it.

  6. I don't have an Ipad so my laptop will have to do for blogging :) Love all the pictures you took with it though. Especially the ones of the fur babies. You have quite the crew. I keep telling my husband that Duke needs a brother or sister to play with while we are working. He's not buying it.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always enjoy seeing new visitors

  7. The family looks very content with their digs!
    will go wish Hilary my best!

  8. Love your photos. That does an awesome job with pictures. The one of all your critters sprawled all over is just priceless. Don't you love it? And-don't you just love them whether they are naughty or not- xo Diana

  9. Love your photos but I still think your watermark is too large. Its distracting.

  10. Love the picture of all your babies sleeping. Thanks for your great blog - I enjoy it so much!

  11. Hey Connie,

    I hardly ever pick up my camera any more...the IPad takes such wonderfully clear photos!

    Love the critter pics and the sleeping beauties was a favorite.

    Heading over to the Loom blog to visit and leave good thoughts.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  12. Dear Anonymous,

    My watermark is supposed to be large and a bit 'in the way' on my photos. I adjust its opacity so it's always translucent ... but it will always be there. That way, there's no chance that anyone who borrows or pins my photos can lose track of the source.

  13. I love my iPad and got it so I could blog while traveling last year. I used the apps PS Express (Photo Shop) and BlogPress to do my blogs. While they aren't as full bodied as Blogger, I was able to send out some really nice posts using them.

  14. I had to laugh when I saw your furbabies lounging around in the living room! LOL
    What a lovely view in your backyard. I'm envious ;) I think it's a great idea to salvage wood from the trees that were lost earlier this year and make something memorable out of it!!
    Glad to hear that Hilary's surgery went well. I'm sure many prayers were offered up on her behalf.


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