Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall ... literally

Remember on Sunday when I told you that the leaves on the huge oak trees in my front yard would be on the ground before the end of the week?

This is what things looked like on Sunday afternoon.

As if directed by some mystical force, the leaves began to fall yesterday evening.

It's raining today, as it was yesterday, which may hasten the process.

Youngest Daughter is going to have to clear off her car if she plans to go anywhere.

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  1. Same thing here. The maple I've been waiting on is dropping its leaves. The rain moved things along.

    Pretty, isn't it? I love to watch the seasons progress.

  2. The leaves on our cherry tree next to the front porch were falling like crazy yesterday late afternoon... then it started to rain and I'm afraid to go out and look at it today. I fear they are ALL GONE!


  3. We have the same mess here. We cleaned up all the leaves on Sunday and now the ground is solid again. Rainy here, too.

  4. What a beautiful tree! I love this time of year, but we're having the same issue - all our trees along the driveway have dropped their leaves with the rain we've had. Looks like the hubby will be out working in the yard this weekend! I'll bet the changing leaves are simply beautiful in your neck of the woods :)

  5. We have a mulberry (the birds and squirrels LOVE it,) that usually holds its leaves until the first hard frost, then as it thaws as the sun hits in the morning, all the leaves rain down within a few hours. It's pretty neat!

    I kind of prefer the trees that drop all at once - it's easier than messing with them for weeks and weeks on end (like our silver maples.)

    How lucky you are having those gorgeous oaks! I'd gladly trade a few silver maples for your oaks. . . ;)

  6. it's just gorgeous, isn't it?

    The other day we spent 3 hours raking and today you would never have known!


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