Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crocheted Dog Sweater for the Greyhounds Rock Silent Auction

I have been crocheting my fingers to the bone for the past few weeks, finishing the dog sweater that I'm donating to the Silent Auction for our Greyhounds Rock fundraiser this weekend.  The sweater itself has been finished for a while, all I had left to do were the last little finishing touches (like snaps).

I marched Daniel outside a little while ago to take this picture ... he is always really good at posing.  All I have to do is tell him "Wait", and he'll stand in that spot for days.

The pattern for this sweater is available from Aerie Designs.  I modified it a little bit from the original directions, and I added the turtleneck to my version ... instead of crocheting a separate snood.

I had a bunch of yarn left over when the sweater was finished.  After fiddling with it for a while, I designed a matching hat ... so dog and owner can go strolling in style.

I learned to crochet when I was 10 years old ... which was a L.O.N.G time ago.  The bobbles and cables and ribbing are a little bit challenging ... but if you just follow the instructions word-for-word, the pattern will soon become apparent, and it will all make sense.

I thought you'd like to see this, before I package it up and put it with the rest of the items that have been donated to our auction.  Perhaps I'll tell you about some more of our donations tomorrow.  We have a lot of really cool stuff!

Greyhounds Rock is a 501(c)(3) charity.  All donations are tax deductible.  Visit our web site for more information. 


  1. Great colors! Especially the blue one. Should keep him OR her very toasty.

  2. I love that Daniel stands on command. Ben.. not so much. By the way.. have you ever knitted a sweater for a DANE?????.... in your spare time, you know.

    I cannot find a coat to match his size ANYWHERE!!!... Ordered a Dane coat online and it came and.. didn't fit! even though I gave measurements!! Sigh.

  3. Let's see now, you renovate old homes, grow heirloom roses, volunteer for canine cancer, sew dog collars, parent and grandparent children, AND you crochet?! Ok, just stop it you're killin' me! ;-)

    I love that sweater, the color is beautiful, and Daniel looks very GQ, what a handsome, good boy!

    Did I mention I might be getting a puppy?! No need to call the funny farm...yet!

    Kat :)

  4. Great job on a beautiful sweater! I do like the neck. Let me know next time, and I'll make something to donate-
    Daniel is such a handsome young lad!

  5. Oh my goodness. Your crocheting is gorgeous! I hope everything does very well in the auction! So sweet of Daniel to model it for us - he is a beauty as well.
    Thank you for your kind visit over at my little blog - it is so nice to hear from you again!

  6. What a gorgeous sweater. I bet Daniel was feeling sassy in it :->

  7. The sweater you made is very cute. One day, my little girl was playing with our dog and dresses him with one of her own sweaters. I was surprised to see the dog was enjoying wearing the sweater so I decided to buy him some dog clothes. I bought the first clothes from here: but after a while, my wife found a dog clothing pattern and she learned how to crochet dog sweaters. So now we don't have o buy dog clothes anymore:D

  8. Do you make these sweaters for Greys and sell them? I'm looking for one for my little girl, and the one you made is the most beautiful I've seen.

    Thank you,

  9. Can you email me the pattern? I can't find it and I have 2 stafforshire terriers I would love to make this for. Please send me a link or tell me how I can get this pattern Thanks Gayle

    1. The link for the pattern designer's Etsy site is in the post, and I will paste it here, too, for convenience. I see that there aren’t any crochet patterns or items on the page, though. My best advice is to use the Etsy contact form and send an email request.

  10. The lady, who had AerieDesigns passed away in 2015. I am new to crochet and loving it. And I love greyhounds! I can not find most of her patterns. It is a shame she did not make a book and leave behind a wonderful legacy. She was a very talented lady and not even 60 when she passed. She is missed. Her name is Lenora Conlon.

  11. Kan ik nog aan dit patroon raken


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