Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a Beautiful Afternoon.

The weather for the past two days has been completely glorious!  Temperatures in the 60's, brilliant sunshine, and the bright blue sky, made it mandatory for me to get out and rid myself of some of this winter's cabin fever. 

Yesterday, I planted 100 of the 200 daffodil bulbs I have left from fall.  I know, I know, it's WAY too late to be planting bulbs.  Ever since I bought these things at Brent and Becky's in December, the ground has either been saturated, frozen, or covered in snow.  Yesterday was really the first day I could get out and plant.   I doubt they'll do much this year, but at least they're not in the garage anymore.

Today, I spent most of the afternoon in the greenhouse potting roses.  It's time to take the last of the rooted cuttings out of their propagation pots ...

... and transplant them into larger pots.

Having them in the larger pots takes up more space in the greenhouse, so I had to rearrange things to make more room.  It's going to get pretty crowded in there by the time I'm finished repotting.

This little cutting of Applejack had a huge bud.  After I snapped this photo, I plucked it off.  The plant needs to direct its energy into making roots and leaves, not flowers.

Since the days are longer and the cuttings are showing new growth, it's time to start fertilizing them.  My favorite fertilizer for young roses is this one.  It has the extra added bonus of giving the greenhouse that fishy/seaweedy smell, just like mornings at the beach.

Some of my smaller garden roses that I'm wintering over in the greenhouse are showing lots of new growth already.  I found these flowers on Climbing Lavender Lace.

After I finished in the greenhouse, Daniel and I played outside for a while.  I think he enjoyed the sunshine more than I did.  Here's a quick video of him playing with his squeekie ball (be sure you have your sound turned on.)

I feel as if I am so far behind in my preparation for the opening of the gardens and the nursery, but I will not dwell on this.  The sun is shining and I have been outside enjoying it ... there's nothing better.


  1. It was a beautiful day and I love seeing the roses in bloom. Your video was so sweet, I love playing outside with our dogs, and they love it even more! Glad you had such a great day!

    Kat :)

  2. Daniel looks as if he is having great fun.

  3. So much spring potential...and roses in bloom! Love the video.

  4. That is great, Daniel actually entertains himself! :)

    The roses looks beautiful.

  5. Ok...I think you have the best job ever! My dream.....so is it time to fertilize roses in the NW too? I have tons of new growth & keep worrying that a last frost is going to kill it....your dog looks like he was having a great time!


  6. Hi Connie,

    Great video of Daniel, he is having a ball. Just wondering where did you get your clear pots and also the black pots that you transfered your cuttings in to? And what size are they both?

  7. be still my heart - to see a rose again~!!!!!

  8. I'm so jealous that you get to be surrounded by roses already!! I could just smell them. I used to work at a greenhouse, and by now I'd be wrist deep in dirt. I miss it alot. Do tell, where do you get the Neptune fertilzer? I have a fertilizer injector that I used to use in the garden, attached to the hose, so that everytime I watered, it would get a dose of fertilizer. I stopped since I wanted to go organic.


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