Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winter ...

It’s winter. It’s cold and wet. The roses are asleep. It’s going to be this way until some time in March.

This is the time of year I spend scheming all the things I’ll do when spring comes …. if spring ever comes.

Honestly, I just finished the last of my winter preparations this past weekend. We had a week without rain, so the ground dried enough to allow me to plant the last of my roses. The week before, the wind subsided enough for one day so I could get the ramblers attached to their new wire on the fence. I will have a How To article on the web site about training climbers and ramblers … as soon as I get a spare few hours to write it.

Updates here may not come as frequently as I would like … but that’s what happens when one writes a garden blog in the winter. As I hunker down for winter, with my down throw and an old American Rose Society annual, maybe I’ll share with you some of the tidbits I discover about the world of growing roses in the early 20th century. It’s very interesting reading.


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