Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Flowers: Open Garden on Sunday and Roses for Sale.

This whole week has been chilly and gray and rainy ... okay for helping the roses in the garden hold their remaining flowers (instead of frying in the heat, if we had heat) ... not so great for this gardener who had grand plans for sprucing up the place in preparation for visitors on Open Garden Day on Sunday.  Oh, well, the roses look better than they probably ever have even without any additional tidying.

One job that I couldn't put off was organizing my pot ghetto to separate the roses that I'm keeping from the roses that I plan to sell.  I wanted to do this well ahead of time, so I could compile an inventory list and gather photos for this post and for FB.  Most of these are extra plants from my propagation over the last year or two.  A few of them are roses that I was going to keep but have decided to part with instead.

Highlighted links below each photo take you to the rose's listing on Help Me Find, the best rose reference resource on the 'Net.

From Hollywood Cemetery:

Once blooming, fragrant, and disease resistant.  Collected from a plant that grows on the Brandt lot in Hollywood Cemetery.

Vigorous, repeat-blooming rose that thrives in hot weather.
Sold out.

"Hollywood Currie Multiflora"
Lanky, sprawling rose that grows on a cast iron fence on the Currie lot in Hollywood Cemetery.  May be a very nice example of 'Tausendschoen'.

"Hollywood Haxall Russeliana"
Large Hybrid China/Multiflora rose that grows on the Haxall lot in Hollywood Cemetery.  Recently identified as 'Russeliana'

Roses from other cemeteries:

Very large, spring-blooming rose, that will spread moderately via suckers ... which is how I got mine.  Very cold hardy.  (this rose is too large to ship)

"Cemetery Musk Seedling"
Chance seedling found in the Sacramento City Cemetery rose garden.  Large shrub, repeat-blooming, and fragrant.

Hybrid rugosa.  Repeat-blooming.  Collected at Thornrose Cemetery in Staunton, Virginia.

From the collection at Tufton Farm:

"Cross Manor Blush Noisette"
Identical to 'Blush Noisette' in commerce.  Collected from the garden at Cross Manor in Maryland.

Same as "Mrs. Woods Lavender-Pink Noisette"  

"Ruth's Tiny Polyantha"
Tight clusters of 3/4" flowers, start pink and fade to white, on a plant that is less than three feet tall in the garden at Tufton Farm.

"Ruth's Wavy Leaf Noisette"
The foliage is glossy and healthy, and it has a slight wave to each leaflet.  Tall and fragrant.  Reblooms.

Other assorted roses:

This rose is among the first to bloom in my garden.  The color is the same as 'Louis Philippe' and many of the other red China roses.  Needs fungicide for blackspot prevention.  (This rose is too large to ship.)

Hybrid multiflora rambler with large clusters of cherry red flowers, spring blooming.  Collected in Hanover County, Virginia.

David Austin English rose.  Large, repeat-flowering, and fragrant.

Climbing miniature rose that looks best when allowed to drape.  Spring blooming, with healthy foliage.  (this rose is too large to ship)

Large, graceful Polyantha with large clusters of pink flowers that fade to white and very healthy foliage.

(In addition to the ones shown, I also have "Dr. Peck's 12th Avenue Smoothie", a found Hybrid China rose from California.)

Roses will be available for pick up during Open Garden on Sunday, and I am happy to ship to folks who can't be here in person.  Roses are all $20 each and quantities are VERY limited.  (Some of these have already sold in response to my post on the Hartwood Roses Facebook page last night.)  Send a PM to or leave a comment here with questions or to place an order.  Include your ZIP code, please.  I will confirm your order, calculate postage and handling (to cover materials and such) and send you a PayPal invoice.  (For those who don't use PayPal, a good old-fashioned check in the mail is just as good.)  I cannot ship to CA, AZ, OR, and a couple of other western states that I don't remember off the top of my head.

I'm excited to see what this year's Open Garden brings.  Lots of people have told  me that they're coming, and this place could be a madhouse... just the way I like it!

(I will do what I can between now and next week to take photos of the garden and put together a virtual Open Garden post for those of you who can't be here in person.  A photographer friend is coming by today to shoot, and I always have a camera on hand, so you will want to check back in later to see what we come up with.)


  1. Love all your beautiful roses!

  2. Omigosh! I love that Hollywood one!!!!!! Gorgeous roses. Happy Friday!

  3. Good luck on Sunday! I'm sure these pretty roses will fly off the shelf... ground?

  4. Your photos are gorgeous but not nearly as stunning as these Roses! I love anything in pink especially. They just call my name!

  5. Love the Edith Clark, Banshee, Mount Vernon Purple Noisette and Hollywood Currie Multiflora!

    Good luck this weekend!

    1. You have very good taste!

      I have a feeling that Open Garden is going to be a zoo. So many people have said that they’re coming, and we always have unannounced walk-in visitors … which are absolutely welcome. The roses are a bit past peak, but there’s still SO much to see and the weather is supposed to be perfect. I’m really excited.

  6. lovely blog! thanks for sharing...

  7. Wonderful photos! I just sent you an email. :-)

    Have a great time ~ FlowerLady


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