Thursday, February 19, 2015

The View From Where I'm Sitting

I'm always the first human up in the morning at our house.  My first task is to take the dogs outside so they can do their business.  Next, I make coffee and I give the dogs and cats their breakfast.  Then, I usually sit in one of the leather chairs in the family room, my trusty coffee cup in hand, and I peruse Facebook and see what my favorite blogs have to offer.

This is what I see this morning:

Maggie is sitting on a mat on the radiator, Ruby is curled up in the far corner of the sofa ... and that heap of green down-filled throw on the near end of the sofa isn't just a heap ...

It's Winnie's nest.  She got in there all by herself.

On another slightly-related subject, I don't know what possessed me to think that I could slipcover my sofa in cream colored fabric and actually live with it.  (posts about this are HERE and HERE.)

There's a slight texture to the dropcloth fabric that I used to make the cushion covers, it traps and tenaciously holds onto dog hair, and every black dog hair that it holds is perfectly visible.  To combat this, we usually have a quilt folded and tucked in on top of the cushions (it's in the wash right now).  Long term, I will have to come up with another fabric if I really want to slipcover this sofa ... one that's more animal hair friendly than this.  Short term, I will just keep washing the quilt whenever it needs it.


  1. haha I knew Winnie was in there!! Have a happy day!

  2. Love Winnie in the nest and Maggie on the radiator! I live with cat hair and have realized I decorate to accommodate it. LOL!

  3. Love me some WINNIE.

    You remind me, must vacuum cat hair off sofas.

    Removed the creme colored quilts that had been tossed over the back.

    XO T

  4. Barbie is a nester, too. She does an adorable burrito roll up. But sometimes she sits on a blanket and whines a little and I know that means "wrap me up". I've only had one other dog and she hated to be under blankets! My sofa is white and slipcovered with a textured fabric and it is impossible. But I love it :) I often just vacuum Barbie's hair off it! But she doesn't have sticky hair like most dogs.
    Connie I just have to tell you that I think of you every single time I make my braided bread. I used to cut it with scissors and you suggested the pizza roll which made it so much easier! Hope everyone is staying warm :) glad you're back to blogging a little more regularly!

  5. Love the nest your Winnie is so comfortable in! ♥

  6. My Chihuahuas loved to be under covers. Also, I still find dog hair around here... and I haven't had a dog in years. If you stick your hand down deep in my chair or the sofas, you always find dog remnants.



  8. Winnie's cave! She is a treasure, that little girl.


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