Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Day, 2/17/15

It started snowing here on Monday afternoon, just after lunchtime.  The storm was predicted to drop a lot of snow on our part of Virginia ... six to ten inches, the weatherman said.  When we woke up on Tuesday, there was a little over six inches on the ground. 

There are tire tracks in the driveway because our daughter had rescue squad duty overnight and had just arrived home.

I suited up after breakfast, to get outside and clear our steps and front walk.  Dressed in layers ... three layers underneath this hoodie, with a fleece hat and the hood on my head.

Selfie taken in answer to a challenge from a friend on FB to show our outdoor snow day attire.

This snow was light and puffy, unlike the heavy, icy snow that we usually get.  It was easy to shovel, and the remnants swept away relatively cleanly with a broom.

With the main job finished, I used my phone camera to capture the scenery.

While I was out, I heard plows coming up the road.  Not surprised to see that the work was being done by two large John Deere tractors ... this is a country road, after all.

The yard looked particularly lovely, with the coating of snow accented by the crisp blue sky.

Shortly after I finished the shoveling, my husband went out with our snow blower to clear the driveway.  The light, puffy snow made quite a plume!

By mid-afternoon, the sun warmed the hard surfaces and any remaining snow melted and mostly evaporated, even though the air temperature remained well below freezing all day.  We had no plans to leave home, but it was good to know that everything was clear and safe if we did need to get out.

A snow day is perfect for cooking something that has to simmer in a pot.  Supper was chicken and dumplings, made with the remnants of the weekend's rotisserie chicken ...

... and I put the finishing touches on a new crocheted hat, inspired by THIS pattern.  (The ribbed band isn't in the pattern ... I added that on my own.)

Next time it snows, I'll have a snazzy new hat to wear.


  1. OH the snow is so pretty Connie! I'm so glad you took time to take photos out in that freezing cold. Layers is definitely the answer to staying warm. :) Hugs! deb

  2. Brrrrr..Lots of layers and I love the hat! xo Diana

  3. We got about 8 inches and although it looked fluffy it wasn't as easy to shovel as we hoped. It was beautiful, just like your lovely images show. I also love that hat!

    xo Kat

  4. We got about 8 inches and although it looked fluffy it wasn't as easy to shovel as we hoped. It was beautiful, just like your lovely images show. I also love that hat!

    xo Kat

  5. Your snow is so beautiful... but I still don't want any around here. I'll just be content to enjoy the photos.


  6. Well, our neck of the woods may be quite opposites from one another, but I too have a black wrangler in my driveway ;>]

    Pretty darn beautiful at your place right now with all that white stuff ! Dare I admit that I was out yesterday pruning my roses ? following your good advice I may add.

    Stay warm & enjoy the flakes ... good photo ops at least.

  7. How beautiful it looks, it also looks VERY COLD. Work to be done too in moving the snow.

    I love those two huge nude trees with the snow sitting on their branches.

    Your hat turned out lovely.

    Chicken and dumpling soup sounds and looks delicious!

    Have a good day ~ FlowerLady

  8. I usually love the snow but in my yard right now there
    is probably 5 feet of snow. We also had to have it removed
    from the roof and trying not to think about what will happen
    if we get the rain that is
    forecast for this weekend. Everyone in the Northeast
    is having problems with roofs either leaking or falling
    in or some other disaster.
    Please, send those prayers
    our way.

  9. Connie, It is good to see a properly made dumpling. It is surprising how few people seem to know how to make them. Maybe the world needs a lesson ?

  10. That's a lot of snow for there it seems. I'm surprised you have your own snowblower for some reason.

    Did Winnie get to go out and play in it?

  11. Thank God that snow is pretty and kind to photographers. Can you imagine if it was not only difficult to deal with, but also ugly?

  12. Snow always looks so pretty right after it snows while it's still pristine. Your photos were lovely.


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