Sunday, July 14, 2013

Las Vegas, Day Three

More fun in Las Vegas to share with you.
Our first stop on Day Three was the Ethel M's factory ... the luxury chocolate division of M&M Mars.  Outside the building is a cactus garden dedicated to Ethel Mars.  (I have been through the garden before, and I would have wandered through again if it hadn't already been over 100 degrees already.)


There was no way we were risking our chocolate in the cooler in the car in the Vegas heat while we played tourist, so we stopped back at the condo to put our packages into the fridge.

We had lunch at 'Hot and Juicy' with friends who live here in Vegas.  We have eaten there before, and it was a definite 'do again' for this trip.  I ordered a pound of shrimp with potatoes and Andouille sausage ... messy as all get out, and totally delicious!  Our friends had never eaten there, and they needed a short lesson in how to peel and eat head-on shrimp.



Next stop, the garden in the atrium at Bellagio.  Bellagio changes this garden seasonally ... now they have a summer garden theme, with a greenhouse filled with birds, treehouse, summer flowers, and more.

There was a light crowd, which made the garden even more enjoyable.

Beautiful greenhouse, filled with flowers, garden vignettes, and birds.


Curious Canary, and my reflection.

Loved the treehouse!


Row boat on the 'lake'.


Chickadee, covered with seeds, sand, and petals.

Giant flowers.

Giant birds and kites hanging from the ceiling.

Galvanized trough filled with dwarf sunflowers.

There had to be roses, of course ... miniature roses in this case.

The highlight of the day for me was going to see Penn and Teller yesterday evening.  This was a true 'Bucket List' item for me, and I enjoyed every single minute of the show!

Today is our last day in Las Vegas.  We have more to do, and I should hush and get my shower so we can get on our way.

Happy Sunday, Everyone!


  1. I think you need that pretty little rowboat in your rose garden as an accent. Very cute. OH, and I love those dark brown coffee mugs next to the chocolate!!

  2. Being a west coast girl, your vacation has brought back so many pleasant memories. Thank for taking this hitch-hiker along, Connie. Safe journey home.

  3. Oh yum to the chocolate! I love the atrium at the Bellagio! When I went last year it was one of my favorite places I visited! So glad you are having a wonderful time. Penn & Teller!!! :)

  4. I did not know about the garden at the Bellagio. I will definitely check it out next time I'm on the strip. Looks so pretty!

    I think I'm going to have to check out the Hot & Juicy too! Enjoy the rest of your time in Vegas and stay cool.

  5. Vegas is a wonderland. I would like to see P&T also. Love them!

  6. Bellagio and Penn and Teller.

    You know what you are doing in Vegas, don't need my help after all. lol

  7. Yep~still jealous of your trip.
    I LUV the Bellagio!
    I miss the SW, and Phoenix in particular!
    Thanks for the "post cards!"


  8. I might just copy that trough full of mini sunflowers!

  9. Glad you're having a good time -- love that garden in the Bellagio!

  10. I am not a cactus fan so I cannot do without that garden but the Bellagio gardens......I would love love love seeing that. Thank you Connie for sharing your trip with us. xo

  11. I've never been to Vegas, but I do love all things floral. Your pictures look like somewhere I want to be for sure! I'm new to the blog world, so I've been blog hunting and came across you. Feel free to visit me. Blessings!


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