Monday, October 1, 2012

Front Porch Progress

I'm still working on the front porch ... a little at a time ... still breaking the job into really small, easily accomplished bits.  This weekend's part of the project was to choose and install crown molding to trim the newly painted beadboard ceiling.  I got half of the project finished.

The irregularity in the gap at the top of the molding is from the wavy old-house ceiling.  This will be hidden once the crown molding is up.

I am installing a two-piece crown, using a piece of baseboard upside down to trim the facing wall, and a crown molding installed over that.  While I was standing at Home Depot, I could only decide on which baseboard to use, so I bought that and will choose a crown later this week.

In the meantime, I am reveling in this latest small accomplishment.  The baseboard-crown-backer is up, and caulked, and the porch is looking a lot prettier ... little by little.


  1. Molding and crown molding can be so tricky. No matter the age of the house, no wall is every completely straight, is it?

  2. Sure wish I had either your talent, or you, around my house!

  3. I love the look of beadboard on a porch ceiling. I've threatened to add it to our small porch ceiling. I like your idea about the crown. A perfect way to hide the wavy lines of an old house.

  4. Hi Connie, The porch is looking great! I love a beadboard ceiling too.

  5. I won't even recognize your porch next time I see it!

    janet xox

    ps...people want mini greenhouses ;->

  6. Every little bit counts, and does add up to a finished job--eVENTually!
    It's gonna be beaUtful!

  7. Looking good. You amaze me with all you get done.


  8. Takes time, but it will be lovely when finished.

  9. We have a Victorian house in Columbus WI with hooks 4' off the floor on the posts and the house walls all facing different directions, what were they used for, flower pots? Thanks Veikko


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