Friday, February 10, 2012

If You Could Read Your Dog's Mind

While I was out thrifting earlier this week, I came across a framed copy of a 1991 Sunday comic.  "Outland", along with "Bloom County" which preceeded it, was the work of Berkeley Breathed ... who I think is a total genius.  His comic strips rarely fail to make me literally laugh out loud.

I hope you think this one is as funny as I think it is.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!  (You won't be surprised to hear that I have a lot planned for the next couple of days.)


  1. Hahaha! Too funny!

    And no, I'm not surprised in the least!

    I hope you get everything done and still find some time to unwind. Have a great, busy weekend!

  2. That's really funny, Connie! (And probably true.)

  3. Love these! Oh those old cartoons are priceless! hugs, Linda

  4. Very funny, Connie. I still believe dogs can read one's mind. I am guessing they would have quite a bit to tell us too. Stop in on GWGT sometime, I have not seen you in quite a while!

  5. Cute! haha I often wonder what my pets are thinking. Have a great weekend!

  6. lol! Thanks for the giggle today, Connie! I'm constantly wishing that I could actually hear Maizie talk English. Now I'm wondering what she's actually thinking! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  7. That is so hysterical!!!!! Thanks for making me laugh :o)

  8. Those are terrific! I have often wondered what dogs and other animals must be thinking. Don't you imagine they must think we humans are complete idiots, at times?

  9. He is on of my favorites, as well! Tooooooo silly!


  10. Oh, this had me laughing out loud! Loved it.

  11. Hilarious! I know my dogs are probably thinking something just like that.


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