Monday, November 14, 2011

My Favorite Guy

The most special and meaningful activity (for me) at our Greyhounds Rock benefit gathering is Sunday morning's Blessing of the Hounds.  Our officient is a cancer survivor, dog lover, and the minister who married our daughter in June.  After she addressed the gathering, she blessed each dog individually ... asking the owners if there was anything specific we would like her to pray for. 

I asked her to pray for Daniel, and for me, to continue to find peace in these weeks following Emma's death.  (Emma has been gone for almost six weeks.  Each day, it seems a little bit easier being a one-dog household ... and Daniel has adapted much better than I imagined he would to his only-dog status.)

After his blessing, I sat to tell Daniel how much I loved him.  A friend took this photo that captured the moment.  It shows perfectly how much I love this dog ... and I knew I had to share it here so you can see what a handsome guy my Daniel is.


  1. Awwwwww! So glad the two of you are adapting.

  2. I am so glad to see that you and Daniel are hanging in there. It's really hard to loose a member of the family. On top of everything else going on with my brother, one of his dogs died last night. I know he is so sad. I am praying for him nonstop right now. hugs, Linda

  3. I think Daniel feels the same way about you. It's hard not to fall in love with our dogs, isn't it?

    Thanks for sharing the moment with us. :-))))

  4. Very nice! Wonderful photo!

  5. What a lovely photo :) Daniel is a lucky pup and I'm glad you guys have each other. He IS a handsome boy...

  6. Wonderful photo of you and Daniel. He reminds me so much of Charm. We still haven't adjusted to her passing. I must have missed your story on Emma. I'm so sorry to read this sad news.


  7. He really is a handsome dude.. and I gotta tell ya, I have the same leopard print and I LOVE those SNEAKS!!!...

  8. That is a priceless picture of you and your handsome boy. I am glad to hear that Daniel is adjusting to life on his own; it can be very difficult otherwise.

    6 years ago we lost our "alpha" Cavalier, a wonderful tricolor girl who was the undisputed leader of our little pack of 3 dogs. She taught countless foster dogs and puppies their manners, and pretty much raised my own girls. Dion, who came to us at 10 weeks and worshiped Ailsa, was never the same afterward.

    A worried look came into his eyes that has never completely left him. he had been completely without cares or worries; Ailsa took care of him and he was good with that. We had other Cavaliers, both females, and that helped some but they couldn't take her place.

    Now that Dion is an only child here, we are debating getting another dog -- for him. He has never come to terms with the only one in the household who speaks Dog.

    I know that you are still mourning Emma, but what a gift that Daniel is adjusting. He is such a beautiful fellow.

    Thanks for entering the DISH giveaway at That Old House. COALPORT??? oh wow... I'll bet that was one pricey pile of porcelain!


  9. That is such a beautiful shot of both of you. The love shows!

  10. I love this photo -- so sweet. :)

  11. Daniel looks so loved. I'm sorry to hear about Emma's passing.

  12. I know exactly how you feel. I only wish I had photos of my dogs with me before I lost them both. You really give me the courage to go out and find another dog companion again.


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