Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Snapshot -- Weekend Randomness

This weekend was all over the place and this post will be, too.

I spent most of the day on Friday with my friend Robert.  We were going to work in my garden, but both of us decided that we would rather have a day away hunting junk and enjoying each other's company.  I don't see Robert as often as I used to, so each day I get to spend with him is something special.

We went to a lovely shop in Gordonsville that carries beautiful concrete statuary.  I fell in love with this four-foot greyhound statue ... and I think it would be perfect to use as the centerpiece of a garden I am planning, but he was already sold.

At another shop, I saw a jelly cupboard that was exactly the same size and style that I'm trying to find for a particular spot in the dining room.  This one, however, had been seriously violated.  Someone had sanded the paint off of it, leaving it rough and splintery.  The dealer must have thought it was primitive and trendy, and the price reflected this ... it was WAY too high.   Too bad, because it was probably really nice at one time.

I loved this antique Wedgwood bowl, and I practically skipped to the cashier to pay for it (and asked for a discount, of course.)  I researched the mark on the bottom of it, and it appears that it dates between 1891 and 1929.  There's a teeny crack in one of the feet, which you can't see unless you turn it over, and I am thrilled to have it.

Saturday afternoon, I caught our daughter trying to see if she could get Dorothy to stand up like a prairie dog.  All it took was a few little crumbs of left-over steak.  Good Kitty.

Since there were no deer photos on my new game camera the other evening, I decided to 'nanny cam' the dogs while I was working in the garden on Saturday morning.  All the camera captured was dogs and cats walking into and out of the family room ... yawn.  After I viewed the photos, I took the memory card out of my laptop, sat it on the couch, and promptly walked away and forgot to put it back into the camera.  Later in the afternoon, I found it laying on the floor, chewed up, along with a couple of pieces of paper from a notepad.  I sure wish I had had the camera set up to see which dog did it.  (If the camera HAD been set up, I guess the memory card wouldn't have been available to get chewed up.)

Our daughter tried out a new recipe for chicken salad.  Daniel helped by licking the wooden spoon after she was finished.  We had it for lunch today, along with cantelope from the roadside farm stand, and it was delicious.

Saturday night, we went to dinner in downtown Fredericksburg.  The sun was setting as we walked back to the car.  This is the view over the wall into the Masonic cemetery.  Isn't it beautiful?

Cats instinctively know where the comfy napping spots are.  Ths morning, Dorothy discovered the down throw, folded up in my favorite wing chair.

I hope your weekend was as relaxing and productive as mine was.


  1. I know all about finding paper chewed up and eye glasses and ink pens and anything Bailey can reach while we are gone. Thank goodness she hasn't gotten a camera card. That statue would be perfect for your garden. Maybe you can find another one.

  2. The greyhound statue is handsome, but someone else got it; but you bought the pretty wedgewood bowl. Strange how an unknown pet chewed up the card for your camera.

  3. that first statue looks just like my slate!

  4. Surely you can order one of those statues??? How perfect is that for you! Uh oh on the memory card. Glad you didn't have anything "important" on it. Perhaps someone thought they were destroying evidence.

  5. Right before Christmas Zeke chewed up our digital camera. He saw the suitcases-"that was all she wrote", as my Nana would say!
    Loved your weekend! And kitty does look like a praire dog!
    xo, misha

  6. How is your friend ,Robert. Isn't he doing a little rose breeding these days? I don't go to the forums anymore so I don't know if he posts or not.

  7. The feet of that bowl are just too cute. The angle of the photo almost looks like the bottom half of a Santa Claus with a big old round belly. Maybe my imagination is just too hard at work, but I do like that photo!

    Hope you can eventually get the 4 foot greyhound statue. IT's perfect for you!

  8. Sounds fun. Hope you order one of those greyhound statues. Sorry to hear about the camera card.

  9. Ugh ... naughty doggies! And why is the cat lays on the exact things you don't want them to lay on. Mysteries!
    Glad you found me and now I have found you. New follower!

  10. What a fun weekend you had, Connie! Loved this random post! :) Glad it wasn't too hot down there for you to go treasure hunting! It was a blinger up here - and is supposed to be for the next 7 days! Yikes!

    xoxo laurie

  11. Oh it looks like you had a wonderful weekend! We had a busy one here. gotta love all those chewed up things..crazy animals. xo Diana


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