Friday, December 31, 2010

Road Trip to the Monastery

Two friends of mine care for the rose gardens at the Franciscan monastery in northeast DC.  This past Wednesday morning, I went there with them to see their rose propagation operation in the Monastery's greenhouse.  I fell in love as soon as I walked in the door!

The greenhouse wasn't much to look at from the outside.

But the inside was amazing!!! These old steel-and-glass greenhouses are so beautiful!

This greenhouse is 110 feet long, divided across the center by a glass wall so growers can keep different conditions in each half if needed.

I'm an Architecture Junkie, I admit it.  I always seem to be staring and marveling at the way structures are put together.

Isn't it imaginative how bamboo was used here to create a shadier area.

One side of the greenhouse held hundreds of banana plants being stored for the winter.

The empty benches you see will soon be filled with pots of roses, as the baby cuttings grow enough to be planted into larger pots.

I saw this sweet vignette on the end of one of the row of benches.  How lovely to give thought to an arrangement like this, in such a utilitarian space.

This milk jug, with its little poem, was sitting on one of the work benches.  It is such a cute and imaginative way to remind volunteers to check on the plants while they are in the greenhouse!

Long before I was ready, it was time for us to load up and head for home.  If we waited any longer, we would be caught by the dreaded DC traffic.  As I left, I had to get one more photo of the beautiful turquoise door.

I hope you enjoyed coming along with me.  As cold as it's been here in December, hanging out with garden friends in the warmth and sunshine of a greenhouse (especially a greenhouse with as much personality as this one has) is fuel for one's soul ... how appropriate for a monastery, don't you think.


  1. How interesting. I'm intrigued with structures, as well. When I'm out and about, it's something I always focus on. That greenhouse is really something.

  2. Connie, you may have initially thought that it didn't look like much from the outside, but I'm already in love by the first picture of the door....fabulous....then I saw the length of the greenhouse and turned green myself.

  3. I love these pictures. I can just imagine all the beauty that will be there come spring. I am so excited for our spring landscaping to go in. We gutted all our shrubs, trees they were covered with poison oak and ivy and everything was dying. I can't wait to see what we put in there... I love color and want lots of it. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I was in a Trappist monastery once. Everything was done without involving ego and need of praise. Not many can say they live that way.

  5. You had me at the green door! I love that door, more than is reasonable! -

  6. Connie, how thrilling - both for you and for me! I don't know why but greenhouses send my heart racing. I wish I could have a real one like this, not just a plastic baby one. Thanks for your beautiful photos. I had a great time.

  7. I enjoyed the charming architecture and the tour of the greenhouse. I thought the milk carton was sweet and the little rose so cute. You captured the charm of this place in your images.

  8. Connie - what a beautiful way to spend a cold December day! I can just imagine when you opened that door the sweet earthy scent that enveloped you.....mmmmmmm!! Love that!!!! xoxo laurie

  9. What a fabulous structure! I also enjoy architecture and this is great. This is the perfect place to spend the last day of the year.
    I am still swooning over your christmas decorations. Really beautiful.
    I wish you a wonderful and healthy and Happy New Year!

  10. Connie, The photos were great as always.However I never saw the milk jug. Rick


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