Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There's Treasure at the Habitat ReStore!

The Habitat ReStore in Richmond is another one of my favorite places to shop.  Builders, remodelers, homeowners, and retail stores donate new or gently used building materials and supplies of all kinds, and profits from the store go to the Richmond chapter of Habitat for Humanity.  I never know what I'll find there, and it's always something I just can't live without.

I fell in love with these chairs.

What is a Habitat ReStore?

You can get lumber.

The following is taken from the Richmond Habitat web site.

"The Habitat ReStore is a retail outlet offering building and home improvement supplies for sale to the general public at greatly reduced prices. The new, gently used, and salvaged supplies are donated by individuals, contractors, and suppliers.

How about a bathroom sink?

"The ReStore participates in Habitat for Humanity International’s overall environmental goals by diverting usable materials away from the waste stream, while promoting responsible stewardship of natural resources. Last year alone, ReStores diverted thousands of tons of usable building supplies from landfills.


"Not only does the ReStore fulfill its mission of environmental stewardship and allow people of limited means to renovate their living spaces, but it also channels all profits into the building of new Habitat homes.

Lights?  Most of these look like builder-grade lights, but the price is definitely right if you need one.

"Habitat ReStore functions much like a thrift store for a wide variety of building materials and is open to the general public Our prices are well below retail and specific pricing depends on age, condition, quality, and quantity of the item. If you have a project in mind (or are looking for a project), shop often and bring your measurements."

Doors!!  Interior,  Exterior,  Hollow,  Solid,  Paneled,  Slab ... you name it.

I had a crush on this red door ... but no place to use it.  :(

"Shopping at ReStore is an adventure! Every day we have new inventory to choose from, including furniture, flooring, architectural items, cabinetry, fixtures, wallpaper, appliances and more—at prices up to 90% below retail! Some items are new, some gently used, and others come from deconstruction. Not only can you find some beautiful items and great bargains, but you are helping the environment and low-income families at the same time."

Chemicals of all kinds ... most are only $1.   I wanted to buy this huge can of paint stripper, because it was practically free, but I'm not doing any projects right now that need it.

What did I buy while I was there, you ask?

I bought this huge tray for the ottoman in our Family Room ...  (I'll tell you about the ottoman itself another day.)

... a pile of decorator fabric samples for a sewing project that I'll show you on my other blog ...

... and THE CHAIRS!!  There are 8 of them (You can see the other four with the ugly formica dining table in the upper left?)

Everything in the store this past weekend was 25% off.  These eight chairs, which only needed to be wiped down, and the ugly table, came to grand total of (are you sitting down?)  $90 +tax.  I didn't need or want the ugly table, and the store wouldn't separate it from the four chairs that it was displayed with, so I paid the price and left the table behind as a re-donation. 

If you have a ReStore where you live, go in every now and then to see what treasures YOU can find.

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog.)


  1. I love going to places like that. When we had our house gutted for the renovation, we used a deconstruction service to dismantle everything so the materials could be donated to one of the habitat stores.

    The chairs are marvelous. Great find.

  2. I am a regular visitor to the Habitat Restores here in MD. Some are - eh - not so great, but the one in Montgomery County looks like the one in Richmond. I have gotten some REALLY good deals at these stores.

  3. I love to go to the Habitat stores. Some are more organized then others but always good deals to be found.

  4. I'm coveting the ottoman. Coveting.

  5. Good thing we didn't go together, we would have been arm wrestling over those them!! Ok, you've convinced me...road trip!

    Kat :)

  6. What a FUN trip!!!! Gotta love ReStore, GoodWill, and Salvation Army!!!! Don't tell me you bought that entire cartful of fabric...? lol!

    xoxo laurie


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