Friday, September 3, 2010

Flowers on Friday ... Now Appearing on eBay

The biggest challenge of starting a business is getting the word out to potential customers that you HAVE a business.  It's even more challenging when the business sells something weird ... like Antique Roses, for example.

'Veilchenblau' ... yes, it really is THIS COLOR!


Never mind the fact that the entire world is in a serious economic state right now, according to TV and radio and newspapers and all the Internet outlets, and everyone has all but stopped spending on anything but food and housing.  Plants have become a luxury, and everyone who sells them has seen business fall off dramatically.

"Angel's Camp Tea"


Antique roses can be a tough sell in the best of times, because the average gardener doesn't know how wonderful they are in modern gardens.  We are all bombarded in stores with Knock Out and Flower Carpet, because that's what the Big Guys have trained us to want.  Old roses can be just as maintenance free and disease resistant, with the added bonus of flowers you can cut and bring inside and SMELL!

"Union Redwood Cemetery Hybrid Perpetual"

"Arcata Pink Globe"

In order to bring some attention to my nursery, I have created a Hartwood Roses eBay account and uploaded auctions for 25 roses.  I started this first round of auctions with my 'best of the best' roses ... the best blooming, best smelling, favorites that I think anyone would love to have in their garden.  At the very least, this may be a way to bring Hartwood Roses out of the shadows and grab some attention.

"Portland from Glendora"

'Jean Bach Sisley'

Speaking of 'attention' ... I've never been very good at seeking it.  I prefer to let my work (or, in this case, my roses) speak for themselves, and have the word spread on its own.  Calling attention to myself makes me uncomfortable ... this is something I have been told over and over that I just have to get over. 

"Deal with it, Connie.  If you don't promote yourself, who will?", says the little voice in my head.

'Aviateur Bleriot'

'Leontine Gervais'

This morning, for Flowers on Friday, I'm making a first attempt to 'get over it' by featuring photos that I am using in my eBay listings.  Gathering the photos, writing the listings, and learning how to use the auction software took me the better part of two days.  Fortunately, the weather during those two days was hot and nasty and totally unsuitable for working outside.  By the time I finally got those auctions uploaded on Thursday evening, I was supremely frustrated and ready to pitch this laptop like a Frisbee.


'Madame Plantier'

You can use THIS LINK to go to my Hartwood Roses 'Items for Sale' page and see the listings for yourself.  If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.  Sometimes, when working on something like these auction listings alone, it feels like I'm talking to myself.  A little feedback would be greatly appreciated.


'New Dawn'

While you're at it, please visit Tootsie, at Tootsie Time.  She recently had to say goodbye to her dog Miss Poo, and I know she could use some consoling. Many of us know all too well about having an old dog.  Emma is almost back to being her old self .... it's never easy with old dogs ... there's so many things to be concerned about.  For now, even though she's creaky and slow, she's feeling well.  It's a blessing, and I am thankful every day to have her.  Take a minute and hug YOUR old dog this morning.

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog.)


  1. Suggestions? If I had any that we have not tried, I would let you know. It has indeed been a very tough year in the garden center business, and I count my blessings I am not the owner, but can take home the same amount of money every Friday, no matter how bad the week has been. Over the past year we have built some traffic by starting a Facebook page, sending out a newsy newsletter through Constant Contact and have partnered with a local farm to sell fresh produce out of our parking lot on Saturdays. If you come across anything that ends up working for you, please let me know.

  2. Your roses are so lovely, I don't know if I could choose between them. I will pop over later today and take a look. You have wonderful products, they will sell themselves. I happened to be petting my dog as I read your post. it's all true. mine is 12 years old and I know our time is limited. Have a great day.

  3. Your Roses are so gorgeous and I hope it goes well for you on Ebay! Times are just so tough right now for everyone!

  4. I think your eBay listings are just right...the pictures are gorgeous!
    If I had the room, I'd take one of each, well, maybe two of the Veilchenblau:) I was an eBay seller for quite sometime - I think you will do very well. It does take a little time, so patience is a virtue with eBay.
    I am so glad Emma is doing well, please give her a hug for me!
    Going to vote again:))

  5. Your photos couldn't be any better, lovely. Thats half the battle with eBay. Buyers seem to skim over the reading and focus on the photo. Your descriptions are perfect. I've sold on eBay for quite some time and all I can say is have patience...especially in this ecomony. You have all the details very straight forward which is perfect.

    The only thing I can possibly suggest isto add an "About Me" page. You could just enter what you have here in your profile...just a thought.

    I would definatley get on FaceBook like suggested above.

    Something else I've done...
    I have it set up so when I post on my blog it is forwarded and posts to Twitter, then Twitter is forwarded and posted to Facebook...kinda gets me spread around with only one posting.

    Wish you could send to CA! I'd be your first cutomer on Eaby!! LOL
    Take care and good luck!
    Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

  6. 'Reveil Dijonnais' just hit my list to buy. Nice pictures of the others. Hope the EBay auctions work out!

  7. No suggestions here, just compliments! Gorgeous photos! I wish you the best of luck with your business.

  8. Your roses are spectacular. To see a rose growing and blooming with the sweet fragrance should bring anyone a sense of happiness, hope and longing for a better future.

  9. I'm so glad you are getting "over" yourself and promoting your gorgeous roses and all of the hard work you put into them! I love the two roses I got from you and you are so right that you just can't cut and bring knockout's into your house, they fall to pieces, unlike my wonderful old fashioned ones which fill my house with amazing heady fragrance!

    I'm glad that Miss Emma is starting to feel like her old self, and I will go show some love to your friend who lost her sweet dog!

    Best wishes for wonderful sales on Ebay!!!

    Kat :)

  10. Stunning photos of your roses. I hope you have wonderful sales on ebay. Take care and enjoy the weekend.

  11. What lovely roses - perfect for anyone's landscaping designs!!! :)

  12. It's still too hot in Texas to receive shipped roses, or I'd bid on these in a heartbeat. Your roses are beautiful. They're sure to sell! Oh, and I struck out on on my latest try at rooting cuttings, too. I agree with the others. I think it has just been too hot.

  13. Your Ebay-pics are absolutely gorgeous, I wish you a lot of buyers! Unfortunately, I live in Germany, so I won't be one of them...
    May God bless your socks off today! Hugs, Lola

  14. No wonder roses are such popular flowers. Whether you admire them from your kitchen table early in the morning as you drink your coffee and gaze into your garden, or you're surprised with a bouquet from someone you love, roses epitomize everything wonderful about flowers.


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