Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday Snapshot: My New-To-Me DSLR

Last week, I was at a loss about what to do with my malfunctioning Nikon D70.  I talked to a photographer friend about it, and he offered a most profound observation.   He said, "It's going to be hundreds of dollars to repair your D70 ... used ones are about $75 online."

Why didn't I think of that???

I surfed around online, looking at used D70s, but hesitated.  Something didn't feel quite right.  There were things about my old camera that I would improve, namely the display screen.  A bit of research and reading and opening up my search criteria led me to this:

Meet my new-to-me Nikon D90, fresh out of the box!  It has a better processor than my D70, a larger screen, and it can use all of my lenses.  It's old technology, minted in 2006 or so, but I'm perfectly comfortable with that.  I wasn't comfortable with the prospect of paying a lot of money for a camera that I use only occasionally, which is what would have happened if I had shopped for a new camera.  (To be honest, the thought of that made me queasy.)  

That thing in this post I said about rose season passing me by while I was without a 'good' camera ... 


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  1. Very smart move! I would like a larger display on my camera also but not ready to spend hundreds on a camera I don't use that often.

    1. I wouldn't have replaced the D70 if it still worked. This new camera has a bit of learning curve, but I can already tell that I'm gonna enjoy it immensely.

  2. You are such a smart cookie!
    Janet xx
    The Empty Nest

    1. I try. I'm not sure I would have thought to shop the second-hand market if I hadn't talked to Dan last week.

  3. Good for you! Looking forward to seeing photos taken with this camera.

    1. You won't have to wait long, because I took 257 of them earlier this morning. Some are really good, others are only so-so. It feels good, and I'm getting better with it.

  4. Looking forward to great photos with your new camera. Hope you can figure out how to use all the new wonderful features - it took me a long time to learn things on my new Canon. And I still don't use or understand many of the abilities.


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