Saturday, March 17, 2018

Hey, Connie, How is Petal?

Petal is awesome, thanks for asking.

It's been five months since we adopted her.  In that time, she has settled in beautifully and has blossomed into a wonderful addition to our family. 

"Mom, can Ruby and I have a bite of that?"

sniff, sniff, sniff

"What's that cat doing back there?"

Petal loves toys.  We keep them in a large basket in the family room.  She regularly empties the basket and gathers her favorites.

Donut Cow and Green Frog.

Squeeky Jack, two bones, and an antler.

Miffy Bunny, her current favorite.

As she got comfortable with our routine, she found ways to help around the house.

Cleaning the recyclables.

Quality control inspector, while I attach the hangers to a mirror.

Dog chewy taste tester.

In true greyhound style, she spends a huge majority of her time either lounging on her bed or sound asleep.

Almost as a way of celebrating the anniversary of Petal's Gotcha Day on the 12th, a string of coincidences on Facebook led to finding and making contact with the family in Pennsylvania who adopted her mom, Marigold.  I  look forward to getting to know Marigold and her family and am excited to share Petal with them. 

Marigold's adoption photo.

It is wonderful to have Petal in our family.  Having ANY greyhound is a good thing (because I love the breed THAT much).  This particular greyhound is a perfect match for our lifestyle, habits, and mix of critters.  She accepts the cats as members of the pack, and she and Ruby get along almost perfectly.

Petal is exactly what we asked from her adoption group:  gentle, friendly, and doesn't eat cats.  She is also eager to please, curious, quiet, funny, patient, affectionate, a little bit pushy ... and perfect ... except for the 'chews on shoes' thing that developed recently.  That's okay, it helps remind us to put our shoes away where they belong.

Five months with Petal feels like she's been here forever.  In this short time, I can't imagine our family without her in it.

I often share Petal photos and videos on Instagram.  I can do it in-the-moment from my phone, and I really have come to love that.  If you want to see more of her, and the other critters, house projects, garden stuff, etc., click over there and follow hartwoodroses.

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