Friday, June 16, 2017

Barn Garden Progress

When we last saw the 15' x 18' expansion of the Barn Garden earlier this week, I had marked it off and laid landscape fabric in the area.  

The next step was to add an edge.  In this case, salvaged 4x4 fence posts from our dwindling stash, cut to size and fastened with ground spikes.  They're not beautiful, but they do their job ... keeping the mulch IN and most of the creeping weeds OUT. 

The final step, in this part of the process, was to add a generous layer of mulch.

The combination of landscape fabric and mulch will block the light to the grass underneath, and most of it should die within the next few weeks.  By the time summer is waning and temperatures begin to cool, the area will be ready to plant.  What am I planting here, you ask?

Some of them are:

"Talcott Noisette" from cuttings at Hollywood Cemetery.

"Tutta's Noisette" from Rose Petals Nursery.

"Ryland Rose" from cuttings at Hollywood Cemetery.

"Lathrop Noisette" from cuttings at Hollywood Cemetery

"Woodbine Rose" from cuttings at a cemetery in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

"Isaacs Rose" from cuttings at Hollywood Cemetery

For now, these babies will continue to live safely in their little pots ... where I can give them a lot of attention, till the weather is favorable for them to live in the ground on their own.


  1. Issac's rose is a fabulous mellow stripe; wonder what it is? The foliage looks relatively modern.

    1. I ask myself that question whenever I'm visiting the Isaacs lot at Hollywood Cemetery to check on the rose. What are you? It's always been a medium-sized round shrub, with Noisette-type flowers in clusters. The past few years have not been kind to it, and it's struggling and small. Makes me feel as if I can relax a bit, now that I have an insurance plant to propagate from if something happens to the original one at the cemetery. Growing in my garden, where I can watch it and wonder about its identity as often as I want, we may be able to come up with an ID. If not, that's still okay.

  2. :) i need to come see you....there are roses for me....Issac's rose is absolutely beautiful!!! Glad you have a backup. :)

    1. Your roses are here, waiting for their 'mama' to come rescue them. :)

  3. This garden space looks so nice and will look lovely filled with these roses.

    My first bud on Bayse's Purple rose bush has bloomed this morning! I am thrilled. The scent nearly blew me away, it is wonderful and I just love the rose!!!

    Happy Gardening, Happy Summer & Happy Rose Growing ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thanks! I'm glad that we came up with a way to add more planting space AND to help eliminate a maintenance issue at the same time. Too hot now to plant the roses back there now, where I have to stretch hundreds of feet of water hose to care for new roses. Fall planting for these will be perfect.


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