Monday, May 9, 2016

How to Give Alice a Pill, Part Deux

When we last visited the subject of Alice and her morning allergy pill, she was happily going along with the system of chowing down on wet food with a Pill Pocket-wrapped half Zyrtec in it.  (as told in THIS post from March, if you need a refresher or haven't heard the story yet.)  This went along fine for about two weeks.  Then, I began to find the naked pill, stripped of its tasty covering, left behind on the plate.  Dang it ... I needed a new strategy.

The Zyrtec has no taste, and the pill is rather chalky ... which made it a perfect candidate to see if crushing it into her food would work.  The back of a spoon works nicely for this.

Mix it into a small amount of canned cat food.  This is Royal Canin, and all three cats LOVE it.

Alice gobbles it down without hesitation.

All gone.

Is there any more?

With the help of her morning dose of antihistamine, Alice is noticeably less itchy and the fur on her tummy and rear legs has grown back in very nicely.  I really hope that this method of dosing her continues to be successful.  Stay tuned.


  1. Good that she will take the pill mixed in the food. Charlie got to be quite good and eating everything but his pill!

  2. Glad you found something that works.

    1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's been long enough now, with this pill-crushed-in-breakfast method, for me to almost relax and trust that success will continue.

  3. In my experience, you'll be fine w/this method, as long as the food doesn't contain anything that could contribute to her allergy. The canned food is so highly flavored, that even if the pill had a slight flavor, the food overpowers it. Those stinkin' cats can manage to eat a pill pocket BUT spit out the pill! That's a cat for you : ) And just be prepared, the gang will be reminding you earlier and earlier everyday for their "treat". At least that's what transpired in my house.

    1. I haven't tested Alice to see what it is that's causing her allergy. Food? Environment? Old house air? When we did this for Amy years ago, she came back allergic to dust, mold, fish, and a few other things. Fish? Seriously? It took a good long time at PetsMart reading fine print on food labels to find something without fish in it.

      I really wish that Alice would tolerate the direct approach, and that I could pop that pill down without hiding it in food. She won't let it happen, and she's too sweet a cat to do that to her. So .... I hide the pill and cross my fingers.

  4. LOL!
    The things we must do in our attempts to outsmart our critters!
    Love the photos!


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