Saturday, August 23, 2014

In a Cabin In the Woods ...

My husband and I, along with four of our dearest friends, spent a wonderful, relaxing few days last weekend near Asheville, NC.  We stayed in a lovely little cabin in the woods.

The idea of this trip started months ago, as a long weekend for my husband and me to attend a family wedding.  When we mentioned the trip to our friends, our three-day-weekend wedding trip was hijacked and it became a five-day trip for six humans and three dogs.  More people (especially these people) = more FUN!

Friday was travel day.  Asheville is about seven hours from here ... we drove down I-81 through the mountains of Virginia, a little bit of Tennessee, and into North Carolina.

Our dog-friendly cabin was very conveniently located ... fifteen minutes from downtown Asheville, twenty minutes from Biltmore.  (Our friends brought their dogs along.  Ruby and Winnie stayed with my parents.)

Every wonder what it's like to be on vacation with three greyhounds?  Looks a lot like this most of the time.

Saturday was wedding day.  The six of us bummed around the cabin for a while, then went to downtown Asheville for lunch at Creperie Bouchon ... yummmmm!!  My husband and I left there to go back to the cabin to get dressed for the wedding, and our friends set out to explore downtown.  The wedding was lovely (aren't ALL weddings lovely?).  It was wonderful to be there and catch up with family that we should make an effort to see more often.

Sunday.  We spent the morning at Biltmore, getting our bearings and touring the house.  No photography allowed in the house, darn it ... so I took very few that day.  (don't worry, we went back on Monday, and I have lots of photos ... keep reading.)

Sunday afternoon's activity was white water rafting.  On each of our vacations together, our friend Kim takes it upon herself to find bigger and better ways try to kill us.  She is the brains behind zip lining in West Virginia, race car driving in Las Vegas, wading into the Arctic Ocean in Barrow, Alaska, etc.  Rafting on the French Broad river was tamer than I thought it would be.  Our guide was great, the scenery was gorgeous, and we had SO much fun!

Monday was all about finishing what we started at Biltmore.  Our first stop was the garden shop ... I bought a coffee mug to add to my collection, and I resisted the urge to buy any plants.

Had coffee in my new cup this morning.

The garden shop leads to the Conservatory.

From the Conservatory, we walked out into the garden itself.

You won't be surprised to hear that the Rose Garden was my first stop ... I wish I could tell you that I loved the rose garden, but I didn't.  The shape of the paths and beds seem to have stayed true to the original design, which is wonderful, but the choice of roses to fill the beds was disappointing.  There were WAY too many drifts of David Austin English roses, in my opinion.  It reminded me of the plant choices in the rose garden at Kew in England ... which would be perfectly appropriate there.  It made me feel like the Biltmore rose garden was a copy of something else, instead of its own unique entity.

That small, black-shirted person on the right is me.

The rest of the garden impressed me greatly.  The long trellis/arbor that leads from the conservatory is covered with grapes and other vines, and it has beautiful containers hanging inside of it.

The perennial borders were VERY well designed, with a great eye for color and texture and drifts of plants within the borders.

After we finished in the garden, we went to finish our tour of the house itself.  (We had had to break away about halfway through the tour the day before to be on time for white water rafting.)  The house is absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous ... enormous and grand, and a family home full of personal treasures.  I loved it!

Lions flanked the front entrance.

View from the back of the house, looking toward the south terrace and the mountains beyond.

Full view of the forest and mountains.

Our trip to Asheville came to an end way too soon, as we packed up and set out for home on Tuesday morning.  There is so much to see and do there, and a return trip for us will definitely be planned in the near future.  

No matter how much we enjoy being away and experiencing new places, it's always a thrill to be back home.  The dogs were very glad to see us (though my mother said that she misses having them), and the cats are much happier with the return to their normal routines with the humans in the house ... I think they may have even missed the dogs, just a little.


  1. Thank you for the tours! What lovely places. I really enjoyed the garden tour, the landscaping is so beautiful!


  2. In all the trips I've made to NC in my lifetime and even owning property there, I've never been to Biltmore.

  3. What a fun trip, Connie! Those gardens were just breathtaking with the multitude of roses - and that arbor/trellis is amazing! I realize that you didn't take your furbabies with you this time, but do you have any tips on traveling with them? We're taking Maizie with us to FL next spring for the first time, so we're rookies at this whole thing. Any advice?

    xoxo laurie

  4. Like you, I loved the gardens at Biltmore, but the house itself left me a bit cold - in a way it was just too big and sprawling for me to connect with. One the other hand, take a few minutes to walk through the Cedar Crest Inn next time you're in the area, it's absolutely stunning (and much more human scaled)!

  5. What fun you had!

    I 'loved' the colors of the conservatory. An appetizer as to what was inside.

    I also loved the views out over the countryside. WOW!

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  6. I absolutely LOVE the Biltmore! The house, the gardens, the way the family is bringing it back to life and preserving such beauty and history and allowing the public to view it all. My first visit there was over thirty years ago with the most recent visit just a few years ago. To see the vast changes the staff and family have done in that time was phenomenal! If you ever have the opportunity to go back around Christmas I would highly advise it, so beautiful!

    Glad you had such a wonderful trip!

  7. Sounds and looks like you had a LOT of fun! I've always wanted to go see the Biltmore. . .
    And btw--that Kim could totally be my friend!

  8. Beautiful! This has been on my bucket list for awhile now! One of these days I'll get there!

  9. Nice tour, Connie! Especially loved the Castor Bean plant proudly displayed in the garden (has anyone informed Homeland Security about the potential ricin plot pun intended)at the Biltmore?

  10. I love Asheville! My hubby and I spent a week there in fall a couple of years ago. I seriously want to "retire" there I love it so much. Lots of hiking and biking and laid back things to do. We also visited the Biltmore, which is a must for sure! Sounds like you guys had fun too, kind of hard not too ;)!

  11. Sounds like quite the vacation. I would love touring the Biltmore but rafting is not my thing. The cabin sounded wonderful and the wedding looked lovely. It was very enjoyable to see your photos. I want one of those colorful roosters.

  12. Sounds like quite the vacation. I would love touring the Biltmore but rafting is not my thing. The cabin sounded wonderful and the wedding looked lovely. It was very enjoyable to see your photos. I want one of those colorful roosters.

  13. It's so beautiful! I always hear very positive things about the Ashville area.


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