Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Compass Rose, Two Ways

I mentioned in my post the other day that I have been working on two round tables.  Here they are ... the tops of them, that is.

I have had an itch to paint a compass rose on something.  These tables were out in my stash in the garage.  The table on the right spoke to me, but so did the one on the left ... so I did them both!  Each is a tribute to some of my favorite Annie Sloan colors that we don't see out there very frequently.

The left table is Old Violet, Country Grey, Scandinavian Pink, and Chateau Grey.

The one on the right is a custom mix of Coco and Olive, with Country Grey, Old Violet, and Chateau Grey.

Come back tomorrow and Friday to get all the details and learn how to paint your own compass rose ... it's SO easy!


  1. I have a terrible time with straight lines... even with tape. I doubt I would have the patience to tackle something that has so many.

  2. LOVE MARINERS COMPASS! Want to talk about a challenge, try piecing these for quilting, not so easy. I have done it. It's my very favorite. I cannot wait to see these tables. Happy painting Connie!

  3. These are both quite awesome looking... what will you be doing with them?

  4. I thought on first glance that you had taken up quilting... however, I love the tables. Great job.

  5. Most importantly, your STASH in the garage.

    Yes, same drugs in mine !

    Ok, which is the best climbing yellow rose for me in Atlanta? I want zero care.

    Will be putting 2 in a very rare vintage hedgerow between me & my friend's house.

    Where to buy?

    Nothing is easy anymore. Not many places to buy. XO T

  6. I'am so looking forward to your tutorial! I have a round canvas that i want to paint a compass rose on so this is just serendipity ! Hugs! deb

  7. Both tables are beautifully painted, so professional. Like the colours very much. I am sure I cannot do that I never can make such a straight lines.

  8. Those are gorgeous, Connie. You did a wonderful job with them!!!! They are both perfect and I like your color combinations. xo Diana

  9. These turned out wonderful!!!


  10. They are stunning....I can't hardly wait for the reveal.....are their open bids or can I hold a rose hostage? You are definitely talented!

    Much love,

  11. Oh these turned out fabulous. I think I love the one on the left with the Violet color the best.


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