Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Five Years Ago ...

My very first post on this blog was dated November 27, 2008 ... five years ago today.  881 posts later, I have shared a whole lot of stuff in that time.

A view of our house, from 2004, while the mason was at work and before the roof was replaced.  This place has my heart!

The central aisle of my Rose Field garden ... when it was perfect.

Writing a blog was The Husband's idea.  Our conversation went something like this:

"You need to start a blog."

"What's a blog?"

"It's where you write about stuff and publish it online for everyone to read."

"That's stupid."

"At least give it a try ... I've already set it up for you."

You already know how this turned out.

A view of our barn, on a sunny spring morning.  The story of its restoration is HERE.

The on-going porch project ... shared cardboard mock-ups of porch brackets in 2011 ... still haven't done any of it for real, though.

This started as a way to keep a garden and renovation journal, and to document what I do around here so folks who were interested (especially those who were interested in buying the roses in my brand-new-at-that-time nursery operation) could feel like they were a part of the place.  I found this to be way too restrictive for my all-over-the-spectrum interests, so things quickly evolved to include whatever was on my mind, or in my garden or workshop.  This blog is me, after all ... and I wanted to have more freedom to share and explore more parts of myself.

Maggie, my miracle kitty, snoozing in the sunny south-facing family room window.

Silly Dorothy ... curled up with her sister Alice on the sofa.  I think that everyone should adopt sister kittens.

Sweet Daniel ... he's been gone since May ... I still miss him terribly.

During this process, I have learned a lot about myself and I have met so many wonderful people from all over the world.  What I thought would be a solitary pursuit is anything BUT solitary!  We have conversations, both here and off-line via email, which makes this one of my very favorite places to be.

Basement workshop.  This work island is one of the most useful things I have ever made.  Click HERE to see how I built it.

Sanding the mantel in the family room.  I spent months stripping paint from all the moldings and walls in this old place ... see my heat gun and trusty carbide scraper in the background.

It seems appropriate for this anniversary to fall on the day before Thanksgiving, the day each year that we Americans set aside to reflect on and be grateful for the many blessings that we receive.  Thank you, thank you for visiting my little corner of cyberspace as often as you do, for reading what I write, and for caring enough to reach out and leave your thoughts behind in the comments ... I count each of you among MY blessings.


  1. AWE! You started just after I did!
    Congratulations! It is an amazing thing this bloggy thing! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Great to hear from you, Liz! (Can't send you a personal reply because you have your Google+ turned on and you come up as a no-reply as a result.)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  3. Connie I am so glad you started blogging. I have learned so much from you about Roses and I have fallen in love with your household of pets (I miss Daniel also) and I have especially enjoyed getting to know you as a friend!

  4. Such BEAUTY where you are ... in all ways. Wishing you a very happy Blogiversary! [leave it those husbands to lead us down the merry path, tee hee]

  5. Thank your husband for me, will you?
    I have enjoyed your blog for the last several years and look forward to your new adventures and images of your beloved pets as well.
    Happy Thanksgiving!



  6. Happy Thanksgiving Connie! I'm so glad you decided to blog 5 years ago--otherwise I would never have met you!

  7. A hubby with a great idea! (I'm not real familiar with that concept, but it does sound great)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Connie!

  8. So glad your husband convinced you to start this blog, otherwise we would have never met and I would have never realized my love of roses! I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    xo Kat

  9. Happy Anniversary. Five years is a long time in blog years.

    And Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. time flies as they say! Thank you for sharing your journey! Happy Thanksgiving xox

  11. Hi Connie! I admire you for keeping your dedication and keeping your blog going. I'm struggling with mine and wonder if I'll be able to keep it going another year--Time will tell! But like you, I've loved that it's taken me to places I'll probably never get to visit, and that it's given me the chance to meet kind, caring and talented people like YOU!! Congrats on your milestone, and I wish you a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  12. Happy Blog-iversary, Connie!

    I have to chuckle at the exchange you and your husband had that launched you into the world of blogging. A similar exchange occurred between Hubby and me back in the summer of 2007.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  13. I am so glad your husband gave you that first push. And, we share a love of roses. Congratulations on successfully reaching this milestone.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  14. Happy Blog-iversary AnD Happy Thanksgiving my friend!
    We met over green houses, but found so many parallels after--are you sure we're not related-?!
    Yes--this blogging world IS truly amAZing~as well as the MANY amazing women I too now count as friends AnD blessings!

  15. Connie,
    Happy Anniversary & Happy Thanksgiving. I have enjoyed reading your blog. You are right, your blog is YOU because I feel as if I know you personally. Thank you for keeping a blog and sharing your life. Christa

  16. Five years of blogging......that's really a long time, Congratulations. I started only almost 2 years ago and I never imagined I would find it so much fun. The rose arches are lovely and your house may be a never ending restoration, but so beautiful. But although I am a rose lover, there is nothing like our pets.

  17. I am so thankful that we met here in blogland, Connie! You continue to be such an inspiration to me with your hard working ethics, your knowledge of roses, the love of your sweet furbabies - and your sense of humor. :) Hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie

  18. Congratulations Connie, on the anniversary. Quite a milestone. Please keep it up for your adoring readers!

    My roses from you are all big bushes now, ready to explode this spring!!

  19. How funny it is that hubby is the one who encouraged you to start a blog. Lol
    I'm so glad you followed his advice as I truly enjoy reading your posts, your accomplishments and your projects.
    And, congratulations, by the way, on your blog anniversary!!

  20. What a blast from the past....thanks for giving back, educating us, making us laugh and allowing us to feel your pain so we can help to lift you up! Yes we call you "the blessing"! Happy Anniversary my sweet rosie friend, chink chink and to many more♥

  21. Your home and gardens are so full of charm, and your hard work!!... Love the arched rose walk.. wow.

    oh, that sweet grey face :-)


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