Friday, September 20, 2013

Can You Stand Another Post About Groundhogs?

My recent success with trapping groundhogs has fueled my motivation to keep at it until I rid this place of the lousy varmints.   (not that this is really possible, but everyone has to have a goal in life.)  Yesterday morning, bright and early, Ruby and I headed toward the barn with some chunks of cantaloupe and apple to bait and set the traps. 

Ruby has become very reliable when she's off lead.  I still put her orange collar and long training lead on her whenever she is outside the fence, though, just to remind her to listen and not get too far ahead of me.

As we went through the gate you see in the photo above, there was this little bunny in the rose field.  It has become fairly accustomed to our presence, and we can actually get pretty close to it before it bolts and heads for the 'briar patch' ... get it ... briar patch ... ha ha.

Just like I did the previous day, I baited and set two traps.  Look at the game camera photo below, and you can see that the door on the trap on the left is tripped, and you can sort of see a shadow of a groundhog inside of it.  Oh, look, there's another groundhog coming to check out the situation.

Less than one minute later, according to the photo's time stamp, we now have two trapped groundhogs.  Even now, I get all giddy about nabbing myself a groundhog "two-fer".

As has been my habit since I caught the first groundhog earlier this summer, each 'convict' has to stand to be photographed for his mug shot.  Groundhog #7 was average size, healthy looking, and was not at all hissy or mean.

Groundhog #8 was the biggest one yet.  He had a very bad attitude, and he hissed and showed us his teeth more than once.

The Husband and I put both of these guys into the truck and drove them down the road to our release place.  They each raced out of their traps when I opened the doors, and they ran down the path and were quickly out of sight.


  1. They are cute critters, aren't they? Too bad they are such a nuisance.

  2. Dang, Girl!! With all the groundhogs you are releasing in that location they will soon be building their very own Groundhog City!

  3. I seriously think you should tag these suckers with paint or something... is it possible to have so many in one place?

  4. Hope all these critters are not like homing pigeons that will return to your property! That would not be good.♥♫

  5. Awwww, that smaller one looks sweet. The other one looks big and alert! They both look so healthy. I think your place agrees with them, even if you don't.

  6. Very interested in your Groundhogs as we don't have any in the UK (Don't get envious as we have plenty of other sneaky beasties!). I have never even seen a photo of one before ... sheltered life ! Left to their own devices, what dastardly deeds would they perform in your garden ??

  7. I'm chuckling... ;->

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  8. Hi Connie, Yes, we're fascinated with your groundhogs! Keep those posts coming, we want all of them groundhogs GONE.

  9. Those groundhogs both look familiar. I think you'd better start ear tagging or tattooing them to make sure they're not returning.

  10. I sure hope you are taking them far enough away that they won't be back. It would be terrible if you were catching the same ones over and over!!! Hugs! deb


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