Saturday, July 7, 2012

Humming Along

Earlier this morning, I was out on the back deck with my camera, enjoying the play of sunlight in my shade garden.  This garden is planted around our pavilion, which we built to take advantage of a bit of high ground underneath our ancient pecan tree that shades almost our entire back yard. 

Considering the devastation of the fallen oak tree that is still in our front yard, I was using my time outside to recharge my emotional batteries by enjoying the peaceful view toward the back of our property ... feeling thankful that this tree was spared any damage in last week's storm.

"Thankfulness" has been a theme for me for the past few days.  Though some things seem bleak, I have much to be thankful for ... my blessings far outweigh my challenges ... and I am grateful for that.

As I stood there, leaning against the house watching the play of sunlight through the garden, I noticed a small movement in the pecan tree.  Do you see it?

Sitting there on a small tree limb, watching me, was a tiny female hummingbird.  She stayed there while I slipped back into the house to get my telephoto lens, so I could try to get a better photo of her.  I had no time to set up my tripod, so I tried to hand hold the heavy lens as steady as I could.

Perhaps my next challenge will be to photograph her at the feeder ... that can be a challenge for another day.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the kind words and concern about the situation with Daniel.  I got a call from his Internist yesterday afternoon with the cytology results from his biopsy, and we are still no closer to finding an answer to his illness.  The biopsy was benign, but it showed enough small lymphocytes for his Dr. to entertain the possibility that Daniel may have a low-grade small-cell lymphoma ... which apparently, is difficult to diagnose.  I had my heart set on finally getting a real diagnosis with this latest test ... it's hard to keep my frustration under control.  Next week, I will talk to the doctor about more tests he is recommending on existing samples (both extra tissue and blood that they took while Daniel was there on Tuesday) to see what to do that has the best chance of discovering what Daniel is dealing with.

I will end this on another note of thankfulness ... even though Daniel is sick and we don't know exactly why or how to treat him, he is comfortable and has a healthy appetite ... these are two blessings that I am NOT taking for granted.


  1. Your pavilion is absolutely gorgeous. It must be wonderful sitting there.
    The hummingbirds are so dainty, I would love to see one.
    I can imagine your frustration at not having a diagnosis for Daniel, but it is very encouraging that he has a healthy appetite.

  2. I am keeping sweet Daniel and you in my prayers. Love your pavilion! Such a wonderful place to sit! We have hummingbirds but I don't have any photos! Take care Connie! Big Hugs, Linda

  3. That hummingbird stuck around specifically so you could get a photo and brighten your day! Sorry you don't have an answer on Daniel. I would think benign is good, but in this case I guess it's just frustrating. Glad he's doing okay -- hope you are too!

  4. Awesome hummer shot!
    Still sending healing thoughts for Daniel. Hang in there. Prayers, hugs, and good thoughts.

  5. Best to you both.. Lovely pictures, too.

  6. Great shot of the hummer and your photos are all just beautiful. Praying for Daniel that they will find out exactly what is wrong with him. I know how frustrated you must be-xo Diana

  7. We just saw a hummingbird yesterday too, in our elm :) I thought it was just a leaf at first, until it moved on to the trumpet vine...

    I was wondering what you will do with all that oak? You could mill it and make it into something so that you can remember/honor it and keep it with the house? or something? ...I dream of owning a mill and working wood with old hand tools. There's a chain saw mill on our Christmas list for this year :) not that it could handle a giant like that!

  8. I wrote a comment and it wouldn't post so I will try again to send you my very best thoughts on Daniel:-)

  9. Oh geez, I am working my way backwards getting caught up on your posts and caught this first sentence about Daniel so immediately jumped to your previous post. You poor've had a lot going on and I'm sorry I missed it all! We've had out of town company so I'm way behind. I'm SO sorry about the loss of your beautiful tree, but I'm so glad you have taken so many gorgeous photos of it since you bought the house. And please give Daniel an extra hug from us. I hope they are able to pinpoint the issue and that it will be easily treated!

    If you need anything, just let me know!

    xo Kat

  10. I don't know which is more beautiful... your giant pecan tree... the beautiful hummingbird that stayed long enough for you to photograph her... or your ability to remain thankful even when facing the mystery of Daniel's illness. I send thoughts and hugs your way!

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  11. This is the first time I've commented, I think, but I want you to know how much I'm enjoying your posts. You inspire me with your energy and the beauty of all that is around you. Thank you.
    As for Daniel, if it is lymphoma, there are so many options available to you. My husband was diagnosed with two forms of lymphoma in 2000, and not given very good odds of living even five years. Twelve years later, the B-cell lymphoma is in remission, and the other is just...there. My husband, although he has had to make some lifestyle changes to accommodate it, such as resting more, is doing great. He works full-time, and as we speak is laying brick on our front porch steps!
    I know it's hard to wait for an answer, but be patient. Steven's full diagnosis took several months because they needed to pinpoint the exact lymphomas he had. And I continue to hope and pray that the results will come back good! My thoughts are with you.

  12. Oh Connie you have been going thru so much and I'm only just learning of it now. Well not that I'd be a big help:0
    So sorry to hear about Daniel. Poor boy but he does look content.
    Glad you got your power back and things are on track.
    Breakfast looked yummy!


  13. Just beginning to read your blog. I enjoyed seeing the photo of the little Ruby-throated Hummingbird female. nice! I will keep my fingers crossed for your Daniel. I am enjoying your blog. The rose conference sounds fascinating. I love David Austin roses and an explorer rose called de Montarville.


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