Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weeds in the Rose Field ... an Update

I had my point-and-shoot Canon Elph in my pocket this morning, as I made my pilgrimage to the barn with last night's mouse.  (Notice that I now have a Mouse Counter on the sidebar, in case anyone wants to follow my progress.) 

The herbicide I sprayed the other week has done an amazing job of killing most of the weeds ... in the HALF of the field that I sprayed.  I had to stop at that point, and I never got back to the job. 

Dead and dying weeds are a good thing.

I turned around 180 degrees, snapped another photo, and this is what I have left to deal with.  How can the roses struggle so much in the horrible heat and drought we have had this summer, while weeds thrive?

Believe it or not, there's a gravel path under this mat of fluffy weeds.

The Damasks and Gallicas are happy and are growing big and tall and wide ... a bit too wide, so they'll need to be trimmed a bit.  Uh oh, there's more of that fluffy mat of weeds.  There are other weeds here, too, but not too bad.

Morning Glories are trying to regain their foothold in the row of Chinas.  This is easily controlled by pulling them out, and spraying the remains with herbicide.

I'm seeing far fewer Japanese Beetles now.  The worst of the season definitely seems to be behind us.

I found this beautiful cluster of flowers on 'Dancing Doll'.  This rose is really super in every way.

Bees like her, too.

I was surprised to find this cluster of flowers on 'Blairii No. 1'.  It's supposed to be a once-bloomer, and it has never repeated for me here.  The flowers are fried and WAY past peak, but I'm thrilled with them anyway.

'Summer Snow' doesn't seem to mind the heat much at all.

'Friends Forever' is putting out another set of flowers.  I planted this rose last fall, having heard good things about it from a rose friend of mine.  I like what it's doing so far.

When anyone asks me how my garden is doing, my answer lately is, "It looks like crap."  In truth, there are parts of it that really do look like crap, but this morning's walk-around shows that there's almost as much positive out there as negative.  It's nice to put it into perspective.

If you'll excuse me, I have some more weeds to kill.


  1. Yes, while our lawn dries up and turns brown the weeds just keep thriving. Pretty amazing. You DO have a lot of work ahead of you. I don't envy you in this heat... thundershowers here this afternoon but not a lot of rain out of it yet.


  2. We have started having afternoon/evening showers and the weeds have taken over. I try to get out but it is so hot and humid and can't get it all done. Oh well. I L-O-V-E the mouse counter. You made me laugh!!!

  3. All in all, I thought this was the least trouble year we have had for Japanese beetles, perhaps it was the unusual winter. The weeds this year are another story however.

  4. Out here on the eastern plains of Colorado my weeds are doing just great! So are the grasshoppers! I took my tree trimmers and cut some of the big wild lettuce down (at least that's what I call it). The rest of the weeds are in the lawn and out in the pasture so they just get mowed down. Stay cool. BTW, Your roses are pretty! ♥♫

  5. love your Dancing Doll. But I gotta say.. this is the first time I have not envied you your Rose Field. The sight of the weeds.ugh. I am content with my little bit of earth. But I love seeing your BIG bit of it!!


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